Every week, I get contacted by followers of our company's online channels telling me how an article, video, social media post, etc. changed their lives. Here are just few of the things we've been told:

"As I read the article, I was convinced you were talking to me."

"The video was so accurate about my situation, and your advice so powerful, it made me cry."

"I felt so lost until I found your site. I've spent hours on it. It literally saved me in my darkest times."

As a team, we circulate and celebrate every one of these comments. It inspires us to work on the singular goal our team has set for itself with respect to creating content: giving goosebumps.

4 Tips For Creating Content That Gives Goosebumps

I recently had the opportunity to share our strategy on a podcast hosted by PhCreative CEO, Bryan Adams. By no coincidence, his podcast is called, Getting Goosebumps, and it offers insights from an array of industry thought leaders on the power of storytelling to create connection. In the podcast, I provide a lot more detailed explanation of the following four tips for creating compelling content, but here are the nuts-and-bolts:

1) If you've told it more than once, it's content. When you find yourself repeating a story because the reaction is so strong, you know you've found a subject for your next article, video, or social media post. On LinkedIn, I was able to amass over 1M followers because I write articles in response to common questions I get from connections seeking advice.

2) Tie it to what's happening right now. Current events are top-of-mind. When your company can tie what it does to what's happening in the world, you're more memorable. Here's an example of how we used Yelp's recent employee scandal to provide insight.

3) Consistency is more valuable than virility. While one viral piece of content might get tons of shares and introduce thousands of people to your brand, what it really does is give you the 'street cred' needed to get that reader to read your next piece of content too. Once you hook them, you need to keep them engaged with a stream of content that keeps the connection going.

4) Focus on the 'Ah-ha Moment.' Helping people see a situation differently opens new doors in their minds. When it comes to online content, they never forget who opened that door for them. And, their more likely to return to you in hopes of more eye opening insights.

PS - Employees Are Your Secret Content Creation Weapon

In an time when content is king, the idea of creating enough compelling content for your company can feel overwhelming. That's when you need to tap into employees. They have the pulse on what your audience is interested in gaining from engaging with your online content. The more you enable your staff to create and share, the easier it is for you to attract more followers and fans. Now that social media is mainstream and the learning curve is no longer steep, you can build a strategy and guidelines that your team can follow to ensure your brand message stays on point as they produce content on your behalf. Which means, no excuses!

Remember, Brand or BE Branded

Every day you fail to create content is a day you fall further behind online. As I always say, brand or BE branded. The need to produce a lot of content is here. Failing to do so sends a message that your company isn't tech savvy, has nothing interesting to share, or even worse, has something to hide. Don't send the wrong message. Get in the game and start giving goosebumps!