After 19 years, I'm moving. While boxing things up, I found my old 'magazine stash' in some window seat storage. (I took a picture of them - see below.) I totally forgot I had them! I stored them there back when I started my company out of my house. Yes, it's cliche, but my kitchen table was my desk. The window seat was my filing cabinet.

Sorting through these old magazines, the magnitude of their impact hit me...

In 2001, I walked away from corporate America and decided to switch careers. After years in recruiting and HR, I wanted to flip to the other side and help workers. I was tired of watching only the elite who could afford it (i.e. pro athletes and executives), get the career support they needed to get ahead. I wanted to level the playing field. I wanted to leverage online technology to drop the geographic and economic boundaries to good career support. It was ambitious. But, I was 100% committed. I walked away from a lucrative, stable career so I could pursue this mission.

At the time, I had racked up a lot of frequent flyer miles from business travel.

Having used up my free tickets and upgrades, I still had a bunch left. So, I chose to use them on magazine subscriptions. I chose INC, Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

These magazines became my mentors.

They were my motivators.

They were my lifeline to the business world.

I was a first-time female entrepreneur all alone in my home in New Hampshire, trying to figure out how to start and grow a business that could impact the world at scale. I wasn't in the Silicon Valley or New York City. I was in a small seacoast town. I didn't have investors, VCs, or a board of advisers to support me. I had to bootstrap my growth. The odds weren't in my favor. However, the power of suggestion from those magazines made all the difference. They made me believe I could succeed as long as I just kept working at it each day. Fast forward 16 years later, I now write for two of those magazines. One of which, you're reading this article on right now (smile).

'Work It Daily' is more than a company name, it's my mantra.

Last year, my company re-branded and changed it's name to Work It Daily - one of the four tenants of a methodology I teach for career happiness. It's called The G.L.O.W. Method. It stands for:

  • Gain Perspective
  • Luminate The Goal
  • Own Your Actions
  • Work It Daily

You hear stories like mine every day. Ordinary people who were able to achieve their goals. If you were to interview them about the process they used to succeed, I guarantee they would outline a story that follows these four steps. It's not rocket science. The secret is clarity, conviction, dedication and resilience. You have to get up each day and keep trying. If you can look at every experience as an opportunity to learn and grow, then success will be yours. Now, go put those frequent flyer miles to good use!