Warren Buffet is arguably the most well-known investor in our society today. His success in work and life is well-documented. His personal brand is clear and well-respected. Search on the internet for, "Warren Buffet quotes." and you'll find plenty of resources that share the belief statements that have shaped who he is. This is personal branding. And, while I'm certain he never set out to intentionally create a personal brand. Buffet proves when done right, personal branding it isn't something you create, it's something you reveal. 

Buffet Understands Why People Need to Know & Trust Your Personal Brand

One of Buffet's most famous belief statements is,

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."

Reputation is what makes people feel secure working with you. Buffet doesn't care what people think of him, only whether they will trust to work with him. There's a difference. Can you see it? Personal branding is how you prove to the world you're worthy of their trust and partnership. Personal branding isn't bragging. It's not being narcissistic either. It's your opportunity to share with the others how you use your talents to serve them. In short, personal branding is a powerful way to create the career and life you want. 

P.S. - Personal Branding Starts By Realizing You're A Business-of-One

Those that do personal branding well realize they're fully in charge and accountable for their careers. They don't see themselves as employees. Instead, they believe they're businesses-of-one who recognize in order to have the best customers (i.e. employers), they need a marketing strategy that attracts the right type of clientele. If you want to work for amazing organizations, then you need the type of personal brand that showcases you offer the type of professional services they'd be interested in paying for. Once you understand personal branding is the marketing strategy for your business-of-one, you can start to build a plan to achieve bigger, better career goals!