The hardest part of getting your dream job isn't the interview process, it's finding the employer that offers it. A study by my company, Work It Daily, shows over 47 percent of dissatisfied professionals say the reason they haven't found a better job is they A) don't know what they want, or B) don't know where to look. Creating an interview bucket list of employers that match your unique criteria has never been easy - until now.

Things Have (Finally!) Changed...

Two major developments in the last decade have created a solution for identifying your dream job. First, the widespread use of social media by companies. Second, those companies realizing the best way to attract better employees (a.k.a. you), is to share in detail what it's like to work there on social media. Did you know? Today, in the same way you use the Internet to research products and services you want to buy, you can also "job shop" online. However, to do it correctly you need to leverage an important tool.

Hashtags = A Common Language Between You & Employers

Most of us are familiar with the ability to use hashtags to search for certain types of content on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and most recently, LinkedIn have all made it possible for us to search on their sites with hashtags. Which means, all you need is a cheat sheet with a common set of hashtags used by employers and you can start to look for your dream job more easily. For example, let's say you want to find companies in Boston, Massachusetts that let you bring your dog to work. You could use the hashtags #Boston and #petfriendly on LinkedIn and would get a list of social posts featuring companies that have self-identified with these. See how much fun this can be? Instead of reading boring job postings on job boards, you can now surf the internet for your dream employer.

P.S. For Optimal Results, Limit Your Hashtags & Try Searching Daily

You won't get good results if you use too many hashtags in one search. It's better to limit it to 2-3 hashtags at a time. Additionally, once you've identity hashtag search combinations that are getting you results, be sure to run them daily. As more and more companies post what it's like to work for them on social media, the more you'll be able to come across new employers to add to your interview bucket list. It's the best way to speed up the search process for finding your dream job. At which point, you'll then be ready to focus on improving your interview skills!