YouTube is about to take over Facebook for the most users. To give you an idea:

  • YouTube is now pulling in over 1.8 billion users every month -- and that's just the people who are logged in.
  • That makes YouTube Google's most popular service, with even more users than Gmail.
  • YouTube's monthly user number is nearing that of Facebook, the world's largest platform, which has over 2 billion users.

On most social media platforms, the early adopters are usually creative types. YouTube is no exception. Up until now, YouTube channels with the most followers have been run by gamers and people dedicated to creating entertaining content. However, YouTube's now in a massive adoption phase. Which means, mainstream business is realizing its potential. Today, you can do a YouTube search on almost any topic and find how-to and educational videos to help you. Soon, instead of saying "just Google it," we'll be saying, "did you YouTube it?"

Career Advice Is Better On Video

One benefit to YouTube's expansion is the quality of the advice you can get. Especially, when it comes to your career. We all know how hard it can be to find professional satisfaction. With more than 70 percent of the working population being unhappy and disengaged on the job, it only makes sense that access to a constant stream of motivational and useful career advice could be what people need to remove the roadblocks and find more success and satisfaction. Best of all? It's free and easy to access. IMHO, these are three YouTube channels worth checking out as possible career resources.

1. Lewis Howes. A former professional athlete turned motivational speaker, Howes has effectively used social media to become a self-made, self-help guru. He's written books and hosts a popular podcast called, School of Greatness, where he interviews a wide variety of accomplished people (think Tony Robbins), to unlock their secrets to success. His compassionate, inquisitive approach to growing as a person makes it easy to listen to his in-depth sessions.

2. Gary Vaynerchuk. What started out as a unique way to grow his parents' wine business, Gary Vee (his nickname), turned his Wine Library videos series into a social media empire. His passion for the power and evolution of social media has resulted in a huge following of aspiring entrepreneurs who seek his guidance and wisdom, both online and in person. His no-nonsense approach to giving advice, coupled with his insanely high energy level make you realize life is too short to waste time lamenting over missed opportunities.

3. Work It Daily. I'm biased, yet I'd argue my company's channel is worth following because unlike Howes and Vaynerchuk who offer more general advice, Work It Daily is focused on helping viewers navigate specific career challenges. Things like job search, career change, salary negotiations, using LinkedIn, and writing resumes are just a few of the numerous topics discussed. And, weekly live Office Hours enable subscribers to the channel to ask individual questions and get expert advice in real-time.

P.S. - This List Will Get Longer Fast

If you are looking to improve some aspect of your career, there's a good chance one or more of these YouTube channels could offer the insight and motivation needed to help you. And, as more professional channels establish themselves on the platform, I can only imagine how much the quality and quantity of free video advice will increase on Youtube. The sooner you start following and watching, the quicker you can get results. Your next big career breakthrough could be one video view away.