While a new study by Accountemps shows more than half of workers ages 55 and over (60 percent) do not check in at all while on vacation, the opposite is true of their Millennial counterparts. A whopping 62 percent of workers ages 18 to 34 check in with the office at least once or twice a week during their vacation.

Why the difference?

According to Bill Driscoll, District President for Accountemps, Baby Boomers experienced work when cell phones and email didn't exist. Thus, they had no choice but to disconnect from the office on their vacations in the past. They understand what it feels like to disconnect - refreshed and recharged when they returned to work -- and therefore, might choose to unplug on their vacations today.

Why Millennials may want to keep checking in...

In contrast, Millennials tend to be avid users of social media and may simply be looking at their phones more often, and therefore notice work messages as they come in.

The survey indicates Millennials who choose to respond find peace of mind that everything is under control or that certain projects are moving along. Ultimately, making it easier to return from vacation, by knowing the work isn't piling up, or problems have arisen in their absence.

Tips If You Do Want To Fully Unplug

For those that want to truly take a break from the office, here are some tips for being able to do so without worry:

1) Give your team notice. Preparing all the people you work with will help them get what they need from you before you go.

2) Do as much as you can in advance. Try to get ahead of your workload so it doesn't pile up as much while you're gone.

3) Ask someone to be your point person. Ask one (or more) people to be the go-to in your absence for questions or concerns. Be sure to communicate this staff-wide.

4) Turn off phone notifications. You're less likely to feel the need to check in if your notifications aren't dinging all day long.

5) Schedule time the day you return for "catch up." Set time when you first return to go through emails and get caught up so you don't feel thrown into the chaos.

Taking time to truly enjoy a vacation from work is important. Nobody every says on their deathbed they wish they spent more time at work. If checking into the office means you'll enjoy yourself more, then do so. But, perhaps the tips above can help you get to a point where you can 100 percent unplug. Just remember, work will be there when you get back!