One of the biggest trends in technology for hiring people these days is video interviews. More and more companies are purchasing technology that enables them to host real-time interviews with job candidates over a computer. Some are even investing in more complex on-demand technologies that use AI to evaluate facial expressions, voice tone and speed, etc. as well.

Which means, on top of having traditional interview skills, you now need to up your game and be camera-ready for video interviews. Failing to put the best foot forward in the video interview will cost you the job. 

Recruiter's biggest video interview pet peeve...

The fastest way to get a recruiter to end a video interview with you is by allowing distractions in the viewing screen.  The good news is, it's something you can easily avoid. It just takes a little thought and preparation. Start by knowing these are the most common distractions:

  • Pets - allowing your dog or cat to walk across the screen.
  • Loud Noises - leaving a window open where there's lots of street traffic.
  • Family - kids playing loudly or roommates talking or listen in to loud music.
  • Visual Clutter - things on walls or your desk that create inquiry or messy appearance.

Don't believe me? Here's a funny example of proof.

Last year, one of the videos that went most viral was of a man doing a serious interview on the BBC channel. That's until his toddler children broke into the room in his home where he was doing the video interview and proceeded to entertain the world with their antics. While it is a funny video to watch, notice how you no longer hear what he is saying the moment the children enter the video. This is what happens to recruiters when you allow distractions in your video interviews. They stop hearing what you are saying because they are too busy looking at what's happening in the video.

Prepping for a video interview isn't hard, but the impact it can have on your ability to make it to the next round of interviews is very high. Don't let the cat, your loud neighbor, or your messy countertops ruin your chances of getting your dream job!