If you've ever watched a pro athlete get interviewed, you've likely heard one or more of them talk about themselves in the third person. It comes across as arrogant and cocky, doesn't it? Then, why are so many workplace professionals essentially doing the same thing online?

Writing Your Social Media Profile In The 3rd Person = Bad Personal Branding

As career-minded professionals, we all must be aware of our personal branding a/k/a how we are perceived by others online and in-person. While we wouldn't speak in the third person when talking to people face-to-face, it's amazing how many professionals are writing on their LinkedIn profiles and other social media tools in the third person. As this quick video explains, this strategy can make you look pretentious and full-of-yourself. And, while a pro athlete might be able to get away with it, the average workplace professional cannot.

Do This Instead...

If you want to create a sincere, authentic, compelling online personal brand, you need to write in the first person. You also need to stick to the facts. Don't try to oversell yourself with fancy language designed to make you sound great. It doesn't work. Instead, simplify your profile language and offer quantifiable accomplishments that speak for themselves. For example:

I'm a senior project manager with 10+ years of experience. I've led more than 70 projects with budgets ranging in size of $10,000-$2,000,000+. I've also managed teams of 5-65 employees with a focus on delivering on time and under budget.

By sharing what you've achieved in this simplified fashion, you don't have to get creative with your wording in a effort to sound successful. Plus, studies show numbers are the easiest thing to read and remember about a person on their profile. And, as this video points out, you'll avoid sounding narcissistic as well.