One of the most challenging aspects of being a job seeker is knowing what skills to showcase to hiring managers. Unfortunately, many people looking for work today make the mistake of trying to showcase too much about their professional background.
Don't try to be a Jack or Jill-of-all-Trades.

When you go over-the-top and promote everything you've ever done in your career on your resume or LinkedIn profile, it overwhelms the reader. You need to simplify and create a cohesive summary of your particular strengths. If you can articulate why you are the go-to person for solving a specific business problem, you will show hiring managers quickly and clearly why you are the aspirin to their pain.

One skill tells hiring managers you can deal with difficult people.

Almost all jobs involve working with other people. Customers, vendors, internal teams, coworkers, etc. You will need to interact with other human beings. Being able to communicate and collaborate effectively with people is a major strength. That's why candidates with customer service backgrounds are seen as valuable to hiring managers. When you have extensive experience dealing with difficult or dissatisfied people and can outline how you successfully turned them around and made them happy, you stand out as an employee that can keep things under control. You eliminate potential headaches for the hiring manager. Any time you can take problems off a manager's plate, you're showing your value and become a more attractive candidate for hire.

P.S. - Think about how you can weave this into your behavioral interview answers.

Now that you know how valuable that customer service experience is, consider ways you can share your expertise in your answers to behavioral interview questions. By contemplating in advance what aspects of your skills you should showcase in your interview responses, you come across more professional and a better fit for the role. When it comes to job search, the key is massive preparation. You're trying to land a job that will pay you thousands and thousands of dollars. The bigger the salary, the more prepared you should be!