Who wouldn't want their dream employer to contact them out of the blue on LinkedIn and say, "We'd like to chat with you about working for us." That's the idea behind LinkedIn. It gives hiring managers and recruiters a way to proactively identify what they call "passive talent"--a.k.a. people already working in good jobs and not actively looking to make a move, but who are open to better opportunities if they present themselves. That said, this won't happen to you if you don't know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Especially one particular part of your profile.

Your Headline = Prime Real Estate

What you put in the headline of your LinkedIn profile is extremely important. Why? When hiring managers and recruiters use LinkedIn to search for passive talent, they do so with a set of keywords. These are tied to the specific skills, technologies, and industries they feel are needed to consider a candidate for their roles. When you identify these keywords and place them in your headline, you increase the chances you'll show up in the search results. Which, in turn, improves the chances you'll get contacted about opportunities.

Tip: Check Out the Skills and Endorsements of People Who Have Your Dream Job

A great way to determine what keywords to put in your headline is to look at people who have the job you want. See what skills they have listed. Especially the ones they have a lot of endorsements for. There's a good chance these would be the right search terms to include in your headline.

Don't Waste Valuable Space on Filler Words (or Cutesy Text)

Headlines like "Sales guru looking for his next conquest." Or "Marketing master ready to take your organization to new heights." First, you look really over-the-top. And second, the majority of those words aren't used as search terms. Instead, try to fill the headline with your top five or six key skill sets and use the line divider to separate them. It might look something like this:

Digital Marketing | Business Development | Research & Analysis | SEO | E-mail Campaigns

The simple text with spacing makes it easy for the person looking at your profile in the search results to see you have the key skills they are looking for and will dramatically increase the chance they will click on your profile to learn more.

P.S.--Even When You Love Your Job, You Should Update Your Profile

Updating your LinkedIn profile is important because, as we say at Work It Daily, "EVERY job it temporary." The job you love today could be the job you lose tomorrow. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated is a good way to make sure you're ready when you (eventually) need to find a new gig.