While sitting at the local repair shop last week having my car's oil changed, I got into some small-talk with Dana, the shop's owner. I commented on the fact he was in the middle of a renovation of the waiting area. He explained some comments on Yelp about the area's lackluster appearance had inspired him to spruce up the place. In his words, "My perspective customers today, especially Millennials, seem to care more about how the waiting room looks than the quality and value of our work." As a loyal customer for the last few years, I know Dana offers the best price and workmanship. But, I could also see how the interior might throw off a newcomer. He then went on to say something that struck me as very profound:

"When it comes to choosing a car repair shop, people should take a closer look at the cars sitting in the lot waiting to be repaired. The age, make, and model of those cars can tell you a lot about the type of customer trusting their car to be worked on at that shop." 

I immediately thought, "That applies to employers too!"

Job seekers today don't want to work for a company, they want to partner with a company. Glassdoor, one of today's fastest growing job sites where employees post anonymous reviews about their employers, calls these types of job seekers, "informed candidates". And, they're quickly growing in numbers. These are professionals who do their due diligence on companies to get a full perspective on what it's like to work for them. Before subjecting themselves to a grueling application and interview process, they look closely all aspects of the company's employer brand (a/k/a elements of employment), to determine if a job at the company would suit their unique needs.

Want to find the right employer? Study the following...

If you want to be an informed candidate and make sure you're a good match for an employer, it's important you study the following five areas:

Leadership - How do they motivate staff?

Coworkers - Who will I be collaborating with all day long?

Fun Factor - How do they bond as a team?

WOW Factor - What will make me proud to say I work there?

Values & Beliefs - What do they stand for?

The more you like what you see in these areas, the greater the chances you will survive and thrive working at the company. Even better, you'll be able to use what you learned to make it much easier to apply online and get an interview.

PS - If you're an employer, then you better be showcasing these areas!

Employers who proactively share examples of what it's like to work at their company, with a specific focus on the key elements above, are rewarded with a better quality candidates applying to their job openings. The best talent applies when they like what they see. They don't waste their time applying to companies that don't make the effort to educate them on their employer brand. The more content you provide online, the easier it is for them to get excited about the idea of working for you.

Next time you're thinking about a new employer, do your homework. Some simple research on sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook and Yelp will tell you what you need to know!