While there are tons of studies about why people quit their jobs, I've yet to find one that studies how long they ponder the idea. As a career growth coach, I'm regularly amazed at how many clients admit they've been contemplating changing jobs for months, sometimes years. All that time spent struggling to decide whether you are in a good place?

What a waste!

The G.L.O.W. Method for career growth

In my first book, I introduce the four-step methodology I use to help people create career satisfaction on their own terms. The G.L.O.W. Method teaches you a simple process you can use throughout your career to drive professional growth. 

  • Gain Perspective = force yourself to look at your situation from a new point of view.
  • Luminate the Goal = dial-in tightly on a specific result you want to achieve.
  • Own Your Actions = map out the specific habits you'll need to succeed.
  • Work It Daily = set up systems to build those habits consistently.

Let's look at how that first step can help you decide more quickly if it's time to find a new job.

A good job offers growth in 3 ways...

The best way to Gain Perspective as to whether your current job is a dead-end is to assess its potential to let you grow in the following three ways:

Financial - can you earn cost of living raises and promotions with pay increases? 

Influence - are you gaining trust and respect of management which will lead to more opportunities and control over your work?

Skills - are you developing expertise that makes you more valuable and will keep you in-demand with employers in the future?

If you responded "no" to one or more of these, then you've got a roadblock to growth. Failing to address these types of roadblocks is bad for the health of your career.

Here's why:

If you're career isn't growing, it's dying.

This is the ugly truth they never teach you in school. A career is a like a plant, if it's not growing, it's dying. You need to keep feeding your career with knowledge and experiences so your skills stay current and relevant. You also need to prune your career to make sure it grows in the direction you want it to. In short, I always say,

"To make your career grow, you've got to G.L.O.W." 

P.S. - If what I'm explaining makes sense so far, check out my next article which explains how you can Luminate the Goal once you decide to look for a new job.