Appearing successful in the eyes of others has professional advantages. People like to work with winners. They're drawn to the positive aspect of success. It's no wonder millions of dollars are spent each year on educational materials to help people get ahead. But what if a simple act you could put into play today could instantly make you appear more successful?

Secret Weapon for Appearing More Successful

It turns out, gratitude has some surprising benefits, one of which includes being seen as more successful. In a study by the Templeton Foundation, 94 percent of the women and 96 percent of the men agreed that "a grateful boss is more likely to be successful," whereas just 18 percent "feel a grateful boss could be seen as weak." This study didn't indicate the leaders would be successful, it just pointed out the perception by others was they would be. However, as we often are told, perception is reality. So appearing to be successful could potentially help make it come true.

3 Ways to Add More Gratitude to Your Work Routine

Most people know to give thanks and show gratitude for a job well done. But if you want to use gratitude to make you appear more successful, here are three workplace situations where it can have a positive impact on your professional image:

1) Kicking off a new project. When the work begins, take a moment to share your excitement for the opportunity. Nothing says "I can do this" more than expressing enthusiasm for the work you are about to take on.

2) Dealing with a difficult customer or vendor. When you find yourself in the crosshairs of unhappy business partners, showing gratitude for their willingness to share with you their dissatisfaction will not only help diffuse their anger, but also give them confidence the problem can be calmly resolved.

3) Facing a setback or unexpected challenge. Instead of getting upset and whining about your misfortune, being grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from this curveball shows confidence and will make those around you feel more certain of your ability to overcome what's been thrown your way.

Gratitude Is a Super Ego Boost, Too!

Besides making you look more successful, gratitude offers another benefit: All that positive energy makes you feel more confident. Especially when you see your gratitude having the desired effect on others. Why not increase your gratitude today and watch your workplace image soar?  As a professional  career coach, I can tell you: When it comes to your career, being seen as a "winner" is better than being viewed as "whiner."

It's Your Turn! What other ways do you use gratitude to look more successful? Please share your insights in the comments below.