I recently posted a question on LinkedIn asking people the following:

What is more important, making an impact or savoring life?

I invited them to share which side of the spectrum they fell on. Some said making an impact, others said savoring life. But, the vast majority said they fell somewhere in the middle and were struggling to achieve their desired balance between both.

The Struggle Is Real Because You Aren't Clear On What "Impact" Means 

As a career coach for the last 15 years, I can tell you the internal struggle to find the balance between meaningful work and enjoying your life is incredibly common. After years of research, my team and I have determined the problem lies in the fact most people don't get clear on how they prefer to make an impact. As a result, they can't achieve career satisfaction because they haven't defined what it takes to earn it. Want to be happier both at work and outside of it? Then you need to understand how you like to create value for employers. That way, you can pursue job opportunities that better align with your internal motivation for work.

But, how does one figure this out?

There Are 8 Workplace Personas... Which Ones Define You?

Our research has helped us map out eight workplace personas. All of them are valuable. However, you can't possibly be all eight of them. Knowing which two or three you identify with the most can help you determine jobs that will make you feel like you're making an impact.

The eight personas are:

A simple test can help you clarify your top personas. Then, you can contemplate the results and decide if your current job and career path are in alignment with them. If not, it may be time to consider a professional pivot towards something that would better leverage the way you like to create value.

You can make an impact AND savor life.

Ask anyone who is doing both and they'll tell you their work brings them a deep sense of satisfaction. Through my work, I've learned you can only achieve this when you're using your preferred workplace personas to their fullest!