Ask the average entrepreneur what their most valuable asset is to getting everything they want and they'll probably tell you their time. Ask a smart and top performing entrepreneur this question and they'll tell you it's their energy.

If you want to double your productivity, it starts with your energy levels. The people who seem to get more done in a week than you do in a month understand that energy is their most valuable currency.

By managing your energy above all else, you're going to be able to operate as your best, whether that's delivering proposals or being 100 percent present for your most important relationships in life.

That's what makes this six-word philosophy so crucial: "Manage your energy, not your time."

To start prioritizing your energy, make the shift by implementing these three core habits:

1. Create a multiplier or depleter sheet.

On a typical day, if you're like me, there are a multitude of people that vie for your attention, decisions you have to make, and various tasks that require execution on. Safe to say, there's a lot going on.

With that in mind, the first step to engineering consistent levels of high-performance energy is to take a look at your day and analyze how it affects you. Some habits give energy (i.e. a multiplier) while others take energy away (i.e. a depleter). To create your sheet, grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle with multipliers on one side while depleters are on the other side.

Think about your day and write activities that give you energy on the multipliers side and put the other habits on the depleters. After I did this, I realize I had a lot of depleters, but I couldn't get rid of them all at once. If this sounds like you, set a goal like I did to cut that list by 20 percent in the next 30 days and continue on from there.

2. Treat your body like a billion-dollar business.

Billion-dollar companies all share a multitude of characteristics. One of those key characteristics is paying attention to the details (especially the seemingly small ones).

That starts with your enthusiasm--an incredibly powerful tool for every entrepreneur. Enthusiasm is the sum of a multitude of small habits, with a big portion stemming from your daily energy levels and health habits.

Exercising, staying hydrated, making sound nutritional decisions, and getting adequate sleep isn't merely important from a physical standpoint--it's also important for the maintenance and overall optimization of your cognition (especially learning and memory) according to a study appearing in the April 2014 edition of Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience.

When you combine peak physical energy with peak mental acuity, your ability to perform magnifies. There are many options when it comes to optimizing your health and energy, but before you get into the weeds of those options, solidify your fundamentals.

3. Be mindful of how you talk to yourself.

"This is so stressful." "I'm under a lot of pressure."I'm so busy." "I'm not good enough."

Notice a trend with these statements? Besides giving a disempowering vibe, they're also stress-inducing statements which only compound to zap your energy.

The language that you use plays a pivotal role in your energy levels. The language that you use can either activate the sympathetic system (i.e. flight or fight) or the parasympathetic system (i.e. relaxation).

Consistently using sympathetic driven words such as "try, control, hard, must, and should" will only lead to more tense feelings and stress. As an alternative, incorporate more parasympathetic words such as "allow, accept, effortless, and let." It will make you feel, ironically, more in control.

Learning skills in your various industry is important, but if you aren't where you want to be or feel stuck, more skills may not be the solution. Assessing your energy and how you're operating on a daily basis could be the very thing to help take you to the next level.