Let's face it, no one likes to be called selfish. It doesn't feel like a compliment nor an endearing trait. But, becoming selfish is great for your health, career, and personal development into a better human being.

Labeling selfishness as a negative trait needs to stop. Not being selfish gets people into trouble when it comes to their business and personal health.

Not being selfish in business can lead to not working enough because people guilt you into hanging out or the opposite end of the spectrum where you don't have any boundaries established for your work-life balance. Not being selfish in fitness leads to a negligence of nutrition because you are guilted into going out with friends and indulging in drinks or party foods.

With that said, it's time to become more selfish. Not for self-indulgent reasons, but for the sake of your overall well-being. Here are three big reasons why it's a good idea to immediately start a heavy diet of selfishness.

1. It gives you the chance to assess your relationships

Have you ever thought about why you hang out and talk with certain people?

Most likely, it's because they're your friends from long ago, family, or just convenient. But, when it comes to continual growth in all aspects of your life, relationships are a critical component. After all, you are who you hang around with.

Are these people serving you in your current season and for where you're striving to go? Some of your friends were great a few years ago, but you're a new person now. It's okay to drop people and continue the show. Everyone isn't meant to join you in every season of your life.

If you're attempting to live healthier and everyone in your inner circle isn't, then it's time to search for a cast of new characters.

2. It gives you the chance to learn more about yourself

Do you really know yourself? It's critical that this question becomes a resounding yes. If not, you run the risk of obtaining lots of external success and achievements with zero amounts of fulfillment.

The more out of alignment and disconnected you are to yourself, the more empty you feel despite what's going on externally.

As you better understand yourself, you're better able to communicate and connect with the outside world.

To start this process, schedule times for you to disconnect and get grounded. The freedom from the excess noise and chatter in our world will allow you to think and discover insights into what is truly going on inside of your head.

3. It gives you the energy to create a bigger impact in the world

If you don't put yourself first, then you can't be the best entrepreneur, executive, nor partner. Being selfish leads to you being and showing up in the most effective way to others and most importantly, yourself.

You can't fill others' buckets and help them to your best ability without first filling your own bucket and helping yourself. First things first --and that starts with placing a high premium on yourself and focusing on what you need.