Limiting beliefs manifest from specific life experiences, the media, your friends, your family and the conversations that you have which become your programming for how you see the world.

While I was listening to Bryan Teare's The Quarter Life Comeback podcast, his guest was artist, speaker, business philosopher, and author Tom Asacker who mentioned that your "beliefs limits possibility." This is a reminder that to become the best leader and version of yourself requires that you take control over the stories you're telling yourself.

Here are 11 thoughts to banish from your mind.

1. "I don't have enough time"

This is a common excuse that I hear often times from clients who can't find the time to consistently exercise. Challenge your reasoning for why you don't have enough time. Are you really that busy or just overwhelmed with everything because you're not as organized as you could be?

If it's true priority, schedule it like you would schedule a doctor's appointment.

2. "I can't let go"

Fixating on the past only leads to more regret, guilt, shame, and self-loathing. None of which are conducive to becoming a more healthier, productive, richer, and happier individual.

Holding on to the past is taking precious energy that could be used in the present moment to create a better future.

3. "What would [friends/family/peers/social media] think"

Trying to please everyone is exhausting and takes energy away from bettering yourself. It's not your job to please the people in your life. You have a life to live just as they have their own life to live.

4. "I don't have enough [money or connections]"

Focusing on external resources gives you another permission slip to remain stuck in your situation and free of responsibility for doing anything. Facebook and Microsoft didn't start on day one with a huge team in a fancy office. Use what you have and build from there.

5. "It's too late"

Age is just an indication of how long you've been alive, nothing more. It's not too late to start that business, lose that weight, write that book, or travel the world. However, what's of most importance is that you take action today (think 1 percent).

6. "People like me don't [become entrepreneurs, write books, or lose weight]

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy that comes true because you're programming yourself to only see the world through one specific set of lens.

Many people have become entrepreneurs, written books, and lost weight. Since there are people in the world who have accomplished these goals, now you know it isn't impossible which means that excuse gets thrown out the window.

7. "I'm not creative"

In an assessment of over 6,000 professionals reported in the Harvard Business Review indicated that if you think you're creative, then you're more likely to be creative. Being creative is a mindset. It's not by chance, but by choice to be creative.

Everyone has creativity within them because there isn't a standard look for what is and isn't creative. Creativity is all about perception.

8. "I'm just not motivated"

Motivation is born from repeatedly doing a task. It doesn't magically arrive. Focus on the day-to-day process of doing small actions and gradually build confidence and momentum.

9. "I should do [insert your thing]"

In Elle Luna's book The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion, she describes "a should" as "something we ought to be doing or what is expected of us." This "should" is living life on the script of someone else and adhering to the typical societal norms.

Instead of living in a world of "shoulds", it's important to re-prioritize our life with our "musts." She describes "a must" as "the thing we dream of doing, our hearts desire."

Look over your daily list of things you do. Are the majority of your actions "a should" or "a must?"

10. "I'm not good enough...yet"

I was intimidated to publicly write and start speaking despite having an appropriate level of knowledge. Besides being a discreet form of procrastination, this is a sign of fear. Don't let the intimidation or questions of worth stop you.

You will never feel completely ready. You only get comfortable with doing the habit repeatedly.

11. "Nobody cares what I have to say or share"

When I first started, I had a limiting belief about entering the already crowded health and fitness space. What could I possibly add?

This is something that you may experience being relatively new into your market, but ignore that doubt. There are thousands of speakers, coaches, and writers, but they aren't you. Your voice and way of going about things is your unmistakable trait. With billions of people to serve, there's a percentage that will resonate with you and love the gift that you have to share.