When it comes to achieving difficult goals and pushing yourself for continual growth, confidence is a necessary tool. However, confidence is something that can easily disappear from your daily mode of operations.

If you're anything like me at times, when low confidence arrives, the likelihood of negative self-talk rises. As my negative self-talk rises, my attitude plummets, which then leads to inaction toward my goals. This simply culminates in a negative feedback loop.

With all of this said, mistakes and setbacks are unavoidable. How you choose to respond and act is what's key. Here are two things that have helped me bounce back from setbacks and mistakes.

1. Identify the root of the problem.

A small crack in a dam eventually becomes a large issue if left unattended to. The same principle applies to your daily routine.

As soon as a mistake or issue arises, take the time to properly diagnose the root cause before it grows. For example, if you're low in the confidence department due to falling short of a quarterly financial goal or fitness goal, seek out the root cause.

Perhaps you came up short on your financial goal because you didn't engage in enough sales conversations. Maybe the fitness goal came up short due to a lack of organization with your meals.

Whatever the case, an easy way to consistently identify challenges is to adopt a nightly habit where you write down one to two things that are bothering you or proving difficult at the moment.

2. Practice aggressive patience.

When I first heard this, I gave a confusing look because it seemed contradictory. However, after letting the idea marinate a little longer, it started to make sense.

This advice was shared to me as I was initially building my business and I had a tendency to chase shiny objects in hopes of growing faster. And to no surprise, doing this only stunted my growth while adding more frustrations to my life.

Aggressive patience is simply having the discipline to take consistent action on high ROI activities daily despite not getting the result (i.e. delaying immediate gratification).

Confidence is lost often times due to a lack of focus because the results aren't coming as fast as desired.

Your goal may be to climb to the top of the mountain, but the focus has to lie within the execution of each step along the way since they ultimately determine if you'll get to the top.

Celebrate and acknowledge each small victory along the way to stay mentally engaged.

Confidence predominately revolves around your perspective. Setbacks and mistakes aren't indicators of failures. Instead, they're simply valuable lessons that can serve you in the future as you continue to grow and evolve in both business and life.