A reinvention of any sorts requires a physical, mental, and emotional upheaval. As a high achiever, reinvention is a normal part of the process.

After all, if you aren't growing and expanding, you're most likely shrinking and moving backward because maintenance mode is a delusion when it comes to life and business.

To reinvent yourself requires a high level of self awareness. Knowing yourself brings clarity and simplicity to life because your daily actions and decisions become easier.

However, it's easy to skip the self-awareness step and not truly understand yourself. Doing this only makes reaching your desired goals more difficult. With all of this said, using the weekend is the perfect opportunity to garner more self-awareness about yourself and lay the foundation for a reinvention on the fly for next week.

To get this started, answer these three important questions.

1. What type of person must I become to achieve my desired goals?

There's a gap between your current and future self. The current iteration is lacking in some key skills and character traits which is preventing the future self from becoming a reality.

This is nothing to freak out about or beat yourself up for. Instead, to bridge the gap between the current and future self requires you to diagnose both selves. What type of habits, behaviors, and mental philosophies does the future self who achieves the highest results in life and business have?

After you identify those, compare those to the current self and integrate those into your new paradigm.

For example, I was allergic to making phone calls and sending outreach emails. But, I realized that those two things were needed to reach my top performing self.

I adopted a new belief that "I'm the type of person who loves getting on the phone and reaching out to individuals and companies through email."

However, before we go any further, let me preface that merely saying these things is only half the battle, you must commit and set up the proper systems and habits to execute.

But nevertheless, the first step starts with your awareness and then meticulously adding new traits that will create the type of person who can achieve the specific goal you're going after.

2. What's my strategy for handling naysayers and dream stuffers?

Often times, attempting to become version 2.0 of yourself is difficult due to your environment. For me, when I was attempting to grow and leap into new endeavors, I felt the most resistance from family and friends.

They didn't offer this resistance with intentional malice. Instead, they offered this resistance unintentionally through their language simply because their worldview and paradigm haven't been met with the same level of expansion and possibility as mine.

Most often the case, people say things that may seem negative or unsupportive because they're merely trying to protect you. They don't want to see you disappointed or struggling.

After this realization, I learned to edit my conversations with those specific family and friends and only shared my big ideas with people who operated with the same expansive viewpoint as me.

Whoever the naysayers and dream stuffers are, it's important to identify those people in your life. Then create a specific strategy to protect your energy, emotions, and mindset. Besides editing the conversation, another habit to use is to only take advice from people whose principles in life and business you respect or can use to build yours up.

3. What are the habits that I will use to maximize time and energy?

While time is most certainly a valuable currency, it's not the most valuable. The most valuable currency is energy because your true value of time will exist in how it's invested. In simpler terms, to wisely invest in your time with the utmost efficiency, energy must be plentiful.

While exercising and sleep are two important qualities to maximizing your time and energy, they aren't the only two. Habits such as preparation, practicing your craft, planning, and building relationships need to be viewed with the highest priority.