In today's world, very little effort is required to occupy your brain and time with loads of information. While the entertainment value has risen, our ability to fall into deep work and maintain deep connections is decreasing.

This is because we're not bored enough. As adults, we have work, various responsibilities, and technology at our fingertips to escape into and distract ourselves.

But, by not seeking boredom, you're leaving valuable potential on the table. Here are 4 reasons why the smartest minds love to be bored.

1. Boredom is good for creativity.

When most people think of boredom, it's often associated with a plethora of negative outcomes. However, seeking boredom is actually one of the best things you could do when you're looking to be more creative. Boredom is beneficial because it allows your mind time to drift which leads to daydreaming.

Through daydreaming and letting your mind wander, you're creating space to make a new and innovative connection which can translate to new levels of quality work. In our "hustle-centric" society, it's easy to feel the pressure to always be doing something because you don't want to be nor appear lazy.

But slowing down and allowing time for deep thinking will lead to creative breakthroughs.

2. Boredom is good for helping you refocus.

To accomplish great feats requires great focus. But, to develop great focus requires an efficient and clear mind. Consistently keeping yourself engaged and distracted prevents you from reaching a high level of focus.

In a study discussing the benefits of mind wandering and goals, they found that those who frequently plan and anticipate their future goals and processes do this while daydreaming. Allowing time for mind-wandering enables you to perform higher-level cognitive tasks which translate over to benefiting all facets of your life.

3. Boredom helps with your output.

We're all looking for ways to increase our productivity and performance. Often times, we look for external assistance through gadgets, hacks, and even nootropics. However, the simplest and easiest habit to start with is allowing your mind to wander.

In fact, at Bar-Ilan University, it was discovered that daydreaming positively affects your performance. This is because your frontal lobe is stimulated and thus leads to higher levels of thought processing being executed.

4. Boredom makes you healthier.

The most underrated reason to strive for more boredom in your life is because it improves your overall well being. Specifically from a standpoint of making better decisions.

We've all been guilty at one point of mindlessly eating and snacking because we're busy doing countless other tasks simultaneously. However, reaching a level of boredom and disengaging from a constant flux of information allows you to develop a higher level of awareness since you're present in your decision making and thus will have a easier time of saying no to the afternoon cookies and pastries.