When it comes to next level leadership and productivity, maintaining control over your emotions is a necessity. After all, your emotions often provide the navigation to the actions you're going to take.

It's easier said than done. Improving your emotions from a big picture standpoint starts with great sleep, nutrition, and exercise. But what about those random and unexpected events that sprout up in your day?

The day could be going well--but then an email, phone call, tough conversation, or financial report sends you into a negative headspace. As someone who needs to be at their best so you can lead and perform at a high level, you need to bounce back quickly.

Here are four simple habits to help you manage those temporary setbacks every day:

1. Carry photos that invoke positive emotions.

In my smartphone, I have pictures of events, my future country of residence, and a plethora of other meaningful things to remind me of why I'm working hard.

Photos will jolt you back onto the playing field because they refresh your memory. Take some time today to make a small photo album with at least five pictures that are emotionally compelling to you. This prepares you for times when you don't feel like doing the work or experienced a setback.

2. Have some go-to songs to jolt your emotions.

No matter the mood or scenario, there's a song that perfectly depicts that moment. With that said, one of the easiest ways to swing the pendulum back to positive emotions is to play some of your favorite songs.

For me, I have a dedicated playlist with songs that immediately switch me back into a more productive state (and occasionally gets me dancing as well). Music is a valuable productivity tool because in five minutes, you can dramatically alter your perspective which places your mental well being in a better state.

Where your emotions go, your actions follow suit which can be good or bad. You're not going to be a good leader if your emotions are in a negative space, because everyone around you will be able to feel and sense that energy.

Pick out five tracks that conjure up positive emotions so you can smile, which also leads to delivering better customer experiences.

3. Take five minutes to reflect.

Often, our problems seem dire because we're at ground zero and lack the necessary space to gain perspective on the situation. Pause, take two steps back, and reflect on everything you've done up until this moment.

This isn't sexy advice. Taking time for gratitude can remold your current attitude into one of growth and positivity which translates to a higher performing version of yourself.

Even if all you can think of is surface level material in the moment, pause and identify five things you're grateful for.

4. Re-frame your mentality into one focused on growth.

One trap that I along with many people fall into at times is becoming obsessed with the outcome while neglecting the process. While it's essential to know what you want and where you want to go, it's not ideal to only think about that while casting everything else to the side.

If you have a business goal to earn $1 million and every day you only focus on that goal, you risk losing confidence and momentum--because those $1 million aren't happening overnight.

Focus on the process and the daily actions to get to that end result. Place your self-worth on your daily actions because you fully control that as opposed to an outcome which isn't completely under your control.

Try a simple mantra to refocus yourself such as "I tell myself that every moment, I'm steadily growing and evolving at a fast pace." This places you in a growth-minded mentality along with ridding yourself of self-pity for things not going exactly how you want them to be going in the current moment.