To unlock and become the best version of yourself requires that you have a good baseline of health.

A good baseline of health extends beyond physical features. As a busy entrepreneur, your mental and emotional fitness are even more important as you're facing various obstacles and juggling various responsibilities.

Building a business is no easy feat, especially while trying to maintain optimal health. I know this first hand as I'm growing my business.

Before I dove into the world of self-employment, maintaining my fitness was much easier because I didn't have various stressors and unexpected obstacles to throw a wrench into my day.

With that said, maintaining optimal health while building your business doesn't require complexity or any sort of tricks. Instead, it requires more awareness and discipline on your part.

Below are four things that I wish someone informed me on at the beginning of my journey to creating a business. As you're building your empire, take care of these four things and you can avoid sacrificing your health for profits.

1. Great health begins with your schedule

Less than three percent of Americans are living a basic healthy lifestyle according to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

It's not negligence nor lack of knowledge that stops people from exercising consistently. Instead, it's the lack of penciling in time for exercising.

Failing to exercise not only affects your physical health, but it also affects your work performance. Exercising helps your memory, problem-solving abilities, learning, and cognitive processing.

As a busy person, it's easy to convince yourself to skip today's workout and start back tomorrow. After all, you have a lot of work to do today and maybe you're feeling some pressure. Skipping one workout in the grand scheme of things isn't that bad.

But how often have we seen where one small insignificant action becomes a bigger issue down the line?

Skipping one workout today often becomes skipping one tomorrow and the next day as well because there will always be problems, issues, or extra work.

The work will never clear for you to workout unless you make it clear. You control the work, not the other way around.

2. Your ambition can become a weakness

Ambition is oftentimes the thing that drives us to great feats and serves as the separating factor from the average person.

But, as with most things in life, too much of something unmanaged can morph from a strength to your weakest link and serve as the anchor preventing you from succeeding.

Too much ambition without thought can lead to approaching life with tunnel vision. Tunnel vision narrows your perspective and leads you to focus on the short-term with little consideration for the long-term.

Operating with just ambition in mind leads to impatience and emotionally-charged decisions that lack logic. Without any rationale thinking and fueled solely by emotions is the very reason why you see people try short-term fad diets and other questionable health choices along with poor business decisions.

3. Those closest to you can be your downfall

You are your environment. Your environment can either propel you into greatness or it can be your anchor into stagnation and frustration.

Taking control of your environment is tough because it's often those who are the closest to us who are the biggest drainers of our energy (often unintentionally).

Your family, friends, and peers can unassumingly place doubt in your head with comments such as "why are you doing this" along with many others. Doubt is the worst thing an entrepreneur can have due to it limiting your belief in yourself.

While you may not be able to completely remove people from your life, it's still helpful to limit your time around people who drain you.

4. Don't lend your self-worth card out

Quitting your job, pursuing your passion, and traveling the world are heavily romanticized.

Heck, I even left after a year of medical school to pursue those above-mentioned things. But after the honeymoon period ended, I faced the harsh reality of working for myself.

On top of that, I fell into the comparison trap and dangled my self-worth on external validations. With no initial results, my self-worth took a hit along with my mental health.

Negative thoughts and limiting beliefs can seem harmless on a daily basis. But, as money and weight can quickly compound and double--the emotional and mental burden of these negative thoughts can lead to similar compounding effects which will diminish the quality of your self-worth and life.

Judge your worth based on your actions, not external results that aren't in your control.