When you're on a journey for weight loss, a career change, to learn a new hobby, or to build your business, it's essential to have your brain in the right place.

Without having your mind in the right area, you can easily lose focus, leading to a one-way street of overthinking, overanalyzing, critical judgment, and playing it safe, thus making your goals feel like mission impossible.

Mindset traps are the result of past environmental conditioning and beliefs that aren't all your fault. However, it will be all your fault should you choose not to take any action on reversing those beliefs.

Here are 5 habits that can instantly make you mentally tougher.

1. Let go of focusing on things you don't want

The problem with this is that you're taking up space in your brain with things you don't want in life. In addition, you're creating hyper-awareness for all the things you don't want, which leads to unnecessary stress and being afraid to make mistakes.

This unintentionally brings more of the things you don't want into your life.

Stave off desserts for a month, and you'll find yourself with opportunities for dessert around every corner, along with having dreams of chess pie.

Words matter, because that's what you're filling your mental tank up with.

Keep your attention on the things you want, and you'll start to attract more of those things into your life.

2. Let go of playing the comparison game

If you want a proven path to being joyless and never feeling good enough, then sign up for the comparison game.

This is when you look around and think everyone else is richer, thinner, more talented, and more successful than you are. This is a trap when it comes to social media, because it's easy to think of it as motivation initially, and then it discreetly becomes a comparison to your current life.

Ambition is great, but don't compare your day-to-day unscripted life with a curated and polished life on social media.

3. Let go of listening to the wrong people

While anyone can share his or her opinion, this doesn't mean that you should listen to that person. Your possibilities may be impossibilities to some people, because they see the world through an entirely different set of lenses.

No need to be rude about it, but choose whom you take advice from.

Is this person on the same wavelength as you? Is he successful in an area comparable to yours? Is he living his days as you would want to live yours?

If the answer is no, odds are you need to politely smile and thank him while continuing your day. Only listen to those who add value to your vision.

4. Let go of believing you can do it all on your own

The hero syndrome is a great way to remain stagnate in life. You're most likely intelligent, have great qualifications, and are highly skilled. But as Marshall Goldsmith reminds us, "What got you here won't get you there."

All great feats and accomplishments in life were the efforts of a group of people. Singers, inventors, and entrepreneurs may get the fame and notoriety, but you can bet they had a support group that aided them along their journey.

This is difficult for people, because when you ask for help, you're making yourself vulnerable and that's scary to most. But don't let the ego stop you from becoming the best version of yourself because you're too scared or stubborn to ask for help.

5. Let go of time traveling

Normally, time traveling would sound like an activity that we all should sign up for. But it's not something to sign up for when it comes to bettering our lives.

Time traveling to the past only conjures up memories, which can lead to feelings of guilt and countless "what if" scenarios. Neither of which are productive in the present moment.

Time traveling to the future can make you anxious, since nothing is set in stone. This will only lead to hesitation and unfocused work in the present moment, which isn't beneficial.

If you're looking to change the narrative of your life, business, health, or anything else--place all of your focus first on developing a strong mindset.