Princess Diana (aka Wonder Woman), born and raised on the hidden island of Themyscira, a home to the Amazon race of women warriors. She has the powers of a god and is a member of the Justice League. Not only is the movie about her a box office hit but she's a motivating and powerful role model for young girls who are striving to be leaders.

I still remember watching old reruns of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman throwing her Lasso of Truth and using her tiara as a boomerang to stop the bad guys with that catchy theme song in the background. While many people see Wonder Woman as an entertaining movie, I see Wonder Woman as someone who teaches entrepreneurs about success.

As more and more people jump into the entrepreneurial arena, it's imperative that they find the right role models to emulate. Wonder Woman is lauded for her powers, but it's these five character traits that make her unmistakable and the perfect role model to emulate along your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Choose optimism

Despite her mom being skeptical of humans, the belief and hope that resides in Diana allow her to look deeper and believe in mankind despite its flaws and not-so-good behavior at times.

Optimism is a critical factor to succeeding with your goals, especially at the beginning when it seems little progress is happening. Besides helping you live longer, optimism instills a healthy perspective and mentality.

Failure and setbacks can be new beginnings. Optimism allows you to be expansive, open to growth and new experiences. Being optimistic is contagious and more people will want to be around you.

2. Mentorship is key to learning your craft

Success is about relationships as much as it's about skills. And one of the most important relationships in your life is your mentor. Diana had General Antiope (her aunt) to train her relentlessly and to remind her of what she was capable of.

While you're not training to be a fierce warrior and save the world from destruction, you are training to be a successful entrepreneur and make your unique dent in this world.

Having a mentor who believes in you while simultaneously challenging you to be greater is important to reaching your potential. A mentor cuts the learning curve in half because you're able to avoid some of the mistakes that they made along the journey.

3. You will juggle multiple identities

Diana is a peaceful diplomat, while on the other side, she's a fierce warrior. She's the first to come to others aides and shower them with love. She's also the first to jump into battle and attack with full aggression when needed.

Along the journey, you'll have to take on multiple identities. There's the hustler who is aggressive in the pursuit of their business goals as well as the softer side who will need to be there for others and to take care of their own health. The key is to find your specific definition of balance.

4. You're going to be judged

Diana's mother judges her for wanting to leave the island and help mankind. She's judged and questioned by Ares for her belief in humans. She's even judged by civilian officials for speaking up and the way she acts.

Sometimes those closest to you won't understand your mission nor see life through the same lens as you. If you're trying to do big things in life, expect to encounter some resistance.

What people say and how they act toward you says a lot more about them than it ever will about you. Not everyone will agree with your decisions and that's their right. But you have to learn to trust yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Let go of needing validation and permission from others.

5. You need to stand for something

Diana stands for love, peace, equality, and most importantly, truth. It's these principles that keep her in alignment, helps her make decisions, and serves as her compass for taking action in life.

What do you stand for?

What are your principles and values? These are important as you start a business. You'll be presented with numerous opportunities to make money, gain prestige, but what are the costs? Do these opportunities align with who you are and your vision? Or do these opportunities go against your standards and principles?

Determine your values and let those serve as your compass to making decisions and choosing what actions to take on a daily basis.