Mentally strong individuals are also some of the best leaders. Not because of a specific style, but because the traits of a mentally strong individual are transferable across multiple spectrums of life.

When it comes to leadership, it can be executed through a multitude of models and styles.

With that said, at the root of all great leaders lies these specific six traits.

1. Lead with a "serve first" mentality.

This doesn't mean being a people pleaser and letting those walk all over you because you failed to establish clear boundaries. What this means is to take action and make decisions that are ultimately in the people's interest.

When you "serve first", you're gaining respect from those you're serving which leads to long-term loyalty. For example, if you're the boss, make decisions and actions within the company that is completely for the benefit of your employees first and foremost.

2. Lead with a specific vision.

It's hard to lead others if you don't even know where you're going nor where you want to go.

As the leader of the company, what's the purpose and mission of the company? Where are you going in the next five years? Why is this work important?

These are a few questions that need to be crystal clear to your employees. The more detailed and specific about where you want to go, the higher the chances of your vision coming to fruition because those who join and follow will know exactly how they can help to make it happen.

3. Lead with a respect for time.

Time is precious and nonrenewable. As a leader, it's imperative to recognize that your time is valuable.

When you don't guard your time and establish boundaries, you're sending the message that what you're doing isn't that important.

Lead with intention and be mindful of your time by scheduling activities that are important to you and your growth.

4. Lead with a priority of well being.

As a leader, it's important that you treat your health as an investment, not an expense. Without your health and proper rest, your leadership capabilities decrease since your emotional intelligence is lowered.

Before you worry about filling others bucket, your bucket must be overflowing. Each day, schedule time to address your well being through exercise, mental breaks such as meditation, and getting adequate sleep so you're recharged and ready to attack the next day.

5. Lead with your actions.

Do your words match your daily actions?

Talk is great, but it's only one part of the equation to effective leadership. The remaining and bigger piece of the puzzle requires that you back up your words through your actions.

How you show up and what you do each day is how you earn respect and inspire people to help contribute to the mission. As a mentally strong leader, you can demonstrate this through taking extreme ownership of situations. If a project falls through, a deal breaks down, or other mishaps appear, take the blame and responsibility for the situation.

When things go well, direct the spotlight to your team and build them up along the way.

6. Lead with a relentless spirit.

Do you lift others up and inspire them to be better or do you restrict them and lead them to underperform?

As a leader, your energy is one of your biggest tools to being successful.

Leading with a relentless spirit means that you're accepting the setbacks and failures, but still demonstrating optimism and belief in the work. When you lead with a relentless spirit, you're able to see new opportunities and recover quicker from setbacks which leads to your employees acting in the same way.