While the holidays can serve as a time for celebration and reflection, they also can serve as a time for numerous obstacles. Workplace eating becomes difficult along with the everyday healthy habits due to unexpected events and situations which throws off your normal routines.

For those who are looking to maintain their productive and successful habits, the holidays can unintentionally become a time where it's your professional goals versus your holiday indulgences.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The holidays can be enjoyable while also allowing you to maintain your desired level of productivity. When it comes to staying productive and stress-free over the holidays, try these six simple habits.

1. Identify your stressors and stay organized.

Holidays present difficulties to your well being and performance because they disrupt your daily routine. With that said, the first step to maintaining your fitness, productivity, and sanity during this time is to stay organized through scheduling.

Take some time and identify some upcoming events that will potentially disrupt your daily routines such as office parties and travel. It's impossible to control a situation if you don't even know what the specific situation is that you're attempting to control.

2. Don't lose track of the big picture.

For some of you, the holidays are the only times where you see certain friends and family.

Don't let your work consume your life and relationships. Loosen the reins some and realize that your progress isn't going to evaporate over a couple days of shortened work hours.

As you're aiming to cut some of your days shorter, ask yourself "does this matter in the grand scheme of things?"

Pick three big rock tasks each day that will move your business forward while moving the other trivial things to the backburner during this holiday season.

3. Practice daily visualization in the morning to stay on track.

This helps you mentally prepare for situations where distractions along with potentially stressful moments will arise. Also, by visualizing, you're planting the seed in your head about what you want to become.

As many personal development books remind us, "you become what you think."

Visualization also helps because not only are you being mindful, but you're also planning ahead, preparing, and equipping yourself for potential self-sabotaging opportunities.

4. Stay connected to your motivation (i.e. your why).

When temptations, distractions, and other scenarios present themselves that can set you back, it's important to be connected to your "why". Your why is the engine that keeps you motivated and going when those inevitable days and resistances sprout up.

A useful strategy is to keep an index card with a reminder about why you're staying on top of your productivity and what this means to you.

5. Don't forget to sleep.

Sleep is your greatest currency to maintaining your quality of health. While sleep is mostly assessed from a physical standpoint, sleep plays a huge role when it comes to your emotional intelligence and decision making.

You're much more likely to binge on foods, skip that workout session, and feel stressed when you're sleep deprived.

6. Be selfish and stick to your established personal rules.

I know, at first glance, this probably makes you feel uncomfortable or guilty. But, being selfish means you're going to show up to the world as the best version of yourself because you're taking care of your health and fitness. Optimal productivity and performance start with your health.

Decide what fills up your well-being tank and include those in your schedule no matter what.

At times, this may mean doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. You'll potentially feel peer pressure for not indulging when everyone else is. And that's ok.

When it comes down to making choices, make choices based on the personal values you've established.

Published on: Dec 11, 2017
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