The pursuit of excellence and growth in various areas of your life is no easy feat. Reaching a level of high performance requires diligence and properly allocated times for recharging.

While high performers use the weekend to recharge, they don't completely shut-down. Instead, they use the weekend to mentally prepare themselves for another week. One of the biggest competitive advantages that high-performers have is their high-level of mental fitness.

Here are four habits that high performers do on the weekends which gives them the mental edge for the upcoming week.

1. They visualize their success.

Whether you're an Olympic athlete striving for the gold medal or a business owner striving for your first million dollar year of revenue, having a vision is essential.

While having a vision is important, it's equally as important to mentally rehearse yourself succeeding and doing the tasks that lead to the desired result.

If you're wanting to lose 20 pounds and have more energy on a daily basis, visualize what that looks and feels like. Visualize yourself 20 pounds lighter with radiating energy that others can feel when in your vicinity.

If you're wanting to build a million dollar business, visualize in detail how that looks along with the daily habits needed to make it a reality.

Remember, the brain can't distinguish between something imagined and something that's real. The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want.

2. They review their KPI's.

High performers realize that there are numerous metrics which can be tracked, but only a few are essential to their specific endeavors.  Think of your key performance indicators as metrics that are the big rocks to advancing your endeavors and placing you closer to your vision.

If you're on a journey to improving your health, some potential KPI's could be getting the proper amounts of sleep nightly. Another important metric could be eating eight servings of vegetables on a daily basis.

In the business world, some KPI's could be reaching out to ten potential leads for the week and prospecting some for the next week.

Reviewing is important before thinking ahead because you need an accurate assessment of how things currently are before establishing the next set of plans.

3. They develop specific goals for the week.

You can accomplish many great things in your lifetime, but not all at the same time.

It's better to focus on releasing one product at a time and fully investing your time and effort in it before devoting energy to another product. You only have so much mental bandwidth to use in a given day. Make sure it's being used in the most efficient and effective way possible by only focusing on one big rock at a time.

As you're strategizing for the week, determine the specific goal in detail you want and then lay out actionable steps you can execute on a daily basis.

4. They adhere to the 1 percent rule.

It's great to be full of ambition, but great feats take time--there's no other way around it. With that said, high performers attack their goals with urgency, but they are also patient because success is more like a slow-cooker as opposed to a microwave.

Overnight success is years of hard work without any attention or spotlight given. Stay hungry, but patient and focus on the daily process of improving by one percent each day and the results will take care of themselves.