We've all heard the phrase "you are what you eat." If you're a busy entrepreneur struggling with healthy habits, it's not due to a lack of information. In my experience and observation, your struggles probably stem from a lack of organization and clarity.

Just as your business needs structure for optimum productivity, your health requires the same logic. In business, you don't start off focusing on tactics. You start by developing a thorough strategy.

This simply requires that you treat your body like a business. Fail-proofing your habits and performing at a high level starts with addressing these five simple questions:

1. Did I effectively diagnose myself?

When there's a problem in the auto world, people place their car on a machine in order to get an analysis of its condition. In business, companies audit their divisions and processes to ensure everything's running optimally.

In both cases, you're performing a diagnostic. Apply the same approach to your health. When conducting a health diagnostic, you must factor in your workday to ensure productivity stays at a high level.

The first step to fail-proofing your plan requires identifying chock holds just as you would in business. Throughout your day, what could prevent you from making the best food decisions? What caused you to fall short in the past? What's your daily work schedule like?

Diagnosing yourself isn't the most exciting thing, but it's going to prevent a plethora of unexpected problems from affecting your performance down the road.

2. What's the goal?

A business without a goal isn't going to get very far and the same logic applies to your health. Get to the root of what you want for a goal.

Is the goal more energy? Is it merely to help improve productivity? Perhaps the most important question to ask is: What does life look and feel like with the goal accomplished?

Creating a crystal-clear goal allows you to move faster and take precise action which inherently improves your productivity.

3. Why is it necessary?

Raising the stakes adds valuable emotion to the scenario, and creates urgency--which leads to a higher likelihood of you taking action and staying compliant. A few questions to ask:

  • Why must I have this?
  • How is accomplishing this goal going to affect aspects of my professional and personal life?
  • What will life look like if I don't accomplish this goal?

4. What systems and routines will I use to save energy and time?

Now it's time to take action. When it comes to your systems and routines, establish a standard of performance--just as Bill Walsh did for the Super Bowl-winning San Francisco 49ers.

A standard of performance means creating a philosophy and set of principles for how you will do things on a daily basis. One key area to think about is the delivery of your food throughout the workweek. You're busy--thinking about what and where you're going to eat can take away precious mental bandwidth from your work.

Consider outsourcing your nutrition to a meal delivery service--especially for lunch. Establishing this standard saves you time and energy from chasing down lunch somewhere else.

5. Do I have the key relationships in my life to help support me?

Lastly, maintaining a high level of productivity requires that you have the right relationships in your life. The right relationships will look different for each of us. However, no matter the relationship, they all share a commonality of providing support and accountability.

For some people, it's having a coach. Other people need someone to supply their meals while others simply need a community of like-minded people.

To address this area, assess your day-to-day life and ask yourself, "Where am I most vulnerable to slip up and who can I bring in my life that would dramatically increase my chances of getting my desired results?"