As someone on the journey to obtaining the highest results from all facets of life, you most likely are aware of the importance of relationships, sleep, nutrition, exercise, reading, and consistency.

Despite this knowledge, even the most prepared and diligent individuals will encounter various obstacles along their personal and professional journey. When you pursue a new creative endeavor, business goal, health journey, or any other feat, these moments are ripe for self-doubt opportunities due to the journey being new and filled with inevitable moments of overwhelm.

It's in those difficult moments that top performers are molded. Not because of a secret skill. But because they equipped themselves with the small intangibles that give them the much-needed boost during tough times.

One of those small intangibles is extreme mentors.

What's an extreme mentor?

An extreme mentor is a concept I learned from my coach which is simply an individual or group of people from all walks of life who have overcome insurmountable obstacles compared to the everyday person through equipping themselves with an empowering mindset.

Extreme mentors can stem from all walks of life. Don't limit yourself to staying inside a business bubble just because you're attempting to grow a business.

Extreme mentors value is largely based on mindset, not tactics. A strong and growth-oriented mindset is what helps you stay resilient and optimistic during the toughest of times, not learning more funnel strategies.

I've found extreme mentors in areas that aren't closely related to the struggles that I experience.

I have two extreme mentors who I've never actually met: Viktor Frankl and Frederick Douglass. Frankl is known for writing the book Man's Search For Meaning, which recalled his survival of four different concentration camps. Douglass escaped slavery, taught himself how to read and write and went on to publish several autobiographies among a slew of other impressive feats.

The power of extreme mentors is that even if you can't relate to their specific situations, you can still take lessons out of their struggle and persistence. These lessons can then be applied to growing your business, writing your book, or simply continuing toward a dream that seems insurmountable in the current moment.

With all of this said, an extreme mentor is a must in your life for these two big reasons.

1.They equip you with a growth mindset.

For me, learning about Frankl and Douglass's stories years ago taught me about the power of the mind. What you focus on will expand upon.

For example, if you solely fixate on how much of a struggle and how stressful it'll be to grow your business or improve your health, then you'll merely bring more of that into your life. Whatever you think becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because thoughts lead to the quality of actions that you'll take.

A growth mindset is vital to your success because its core philosophy preaches that nothing is fixed or permanent. You can learn or acquire any skill or trait (with hard work of course).

If you're constantly finding yourself ruminating in negative and scarce thoughts, say "cancel, cancel" at that moment and immediately follow up with something more empowering (even if it's super-small).

No one operates in a total state of positivity. The objective is to merely catch your negative patterns and resist following them.

2. They bring perspective and help you see the big picture.

When you have extreme mentors in your life, you'll realize that your situation isn't truly as dire and insurmountable as you think. With extreme mentors, I'm reminded that my solution is seldom solved externally. Instead, the solution revolves around me investigating my internal hardware--in other words, my mindset.

Life has an interesting way of kicking you down sometimes, but that is a prime opportunity to grow due to the feedback you can extract from the situation.

With that said, it's time for you to find a handful of extreme mentors. If you're struggling to come up with some extreme mentors, start your journey through consumption of books, podcasts, and audiobooks which will enviably lead to exposure of interesting stories and names of people.