The weekend is a great time to regroup and recharge, and can transform your upcoming week and help build up your mental strength for it.

No matter how prepared and diligent you are, obstacles and setbacks will find their way onto your journey toward becoming the best version of yourself.

In fitness, this can be plateauing or a rough week with your healthy habits. In business, this could be stagnating at a certain financial level or, even worse, seeing the income well running dry because of a couple of rough weeks.

Unfortunate things happen in life, but the most important thing is how you bounce back and take action against them. If you have a rough week (or a couple) or find yourself in a rut, use this weekend to recharge and regroup through addressing these three areas:

1. Are you making growth-based or fear-based decisions?

Each decision you make during the week will come down to being based on either fear or growth. Fear-based decisions seek to avoid discomfort and uncertainty. But avoiding discomfort isn't possible, because it waits for you on either track you choose.

You can choose the discomfort of struggle created through shortsighted fear-based decisions. Or you can choose the discomfort of growth leading to something greater down the road.

Fear-based decisions are dangerous, because they transport you to a scarce mindset, relinquish your power to external sources, and send you into negative self-talk.

Take some time this weekend to review your belief system, let go of past experiences that you hold on to, and get crystal clear on what you really want (no judging yourself on this one).

2. Reprioritize the basics.

After investigating your belief system and homing in on exactly what you want, looking ahead to the upcoming week should already feel a little more exciting.

More often than not, when you're starting to feel overwhelmed or your work is in a rut, it's best to take a "less is more" approach.

There are numerous tools and tactics around losing weight, and there are countless tools and tactics for building a business. Getting lost in the shiny and fancy strategies of the world leads to a negligence of the core fundamentals of succeeding in those specific endeavors.

Whatever it is you're working on, commit to reverse engineering the steps down to a basic, fundamental level. Pick a couple of high-yielding tasks and only focus on those for the upcoming week.

Doing this reduces indecision and questions about if you're doing the right thing. The basics are boring and far from trendy. However, the basics are the basics because they have stood the test of time and gotten results for countless other people.

Do yourself a favor and go on a low information diet and ruthlessly execute on the basics for the upcoming week.

3. Schedule your sleep for the upcoming week.

Had a rough week or a couple of them? Odds are, you haven't been properly sleeping.

In a hustle-centric society, it's easy to become enthralled with that message and sacrifice sleep for profits. But eventually, lack of sleep will catch up with you. I know, because we see people who are getting by with five hours of sleep.

You're not the exception--those outliers are few. Besides, there's a difference between getting through the day (often with the assistance of caffeine) and thriving.

Not properly resting is going to negatively affect your cognition, reaction times, emotional intelligence, relationships, and waistline.

If you want to turn around your business, health, or life, it starts with making sleep the centerpiece of that plan. Just as you schedule doctor appointments, date nights with your partner (hopefully!), and business meetings, take the time this weekend to pencil in sleep for the upcoming week.