Your business isn't where you think it should be. Your health and fitness aren't at the level that you desire. On the surface, you're taking care of the habits that lead to a successful business and good health.

Yet, there's a missing link between where you want to be and where you currently are.

Health and business intersect with each other in numerous ways. Your health plays a vital role in affecting the bottom line of your company and earning potential. Not taking care of your health places an invisible ceiling over yourself by affecting your productivity, decision making, energy levels, and your ability to focus.

Lastly, succeeding with health and your business often comes down to addressing the intangibles. Your intangibles are the quiet background factors that can majorly influence your day, behaviors, and swing the pendulum to either succeeding or fall short with your goals.

Think of the intangibles as qualities that propel the star athlete to greatness. In his sport, everyone is fast and strong, but not everyone possesses intangibles such as perseverance and dedication. It's in those qualities that give him his competitive advantage because he's going beyond surface-level attributes to succeed.

If you're feeling stuck and wondering why you're not getting your desired results, consider these three intangible habits.

1. Not establishing boundaries

Believe it or not, one of the more common scenarios from clients I work with is their struggle to establish proper boundaries in their relationships. If you're going to improve your health and wealth, it's important that you become more selfish.

Wait, what.

I know, seems counterintuitive to be more selfish and thinking this way may conjure up some guilt and uncomfortable feelings. But reframe that thought for a second.

If you're letting work take over your life, friends guilt you into activities, family overstep the line, and this is preventing you from taking care of your well-being. This needs to be the first area you address.

When you lack boundaries, there's a imbalance between your concerns and your responsibilities. This imbalance leads to a decrease with your decision making, focus, and mood--thus a decrease in your performance as an entrepreneur (i.e. being burnt out).

If you're gaining extra pounds, overwhelmed, moody, and sleep-deprived, you're not going to show up in the world at your best. This is doing you and those around you a disservice. Sure, you're giving your time to clients, co-workers, and family, but how effective is your time with them? You'll be a lot more effective if you were coming into the situation from a healthier and productive state.

You first, then others and everyone ultimately wins.

2. Not documenting your progress

You claim you're doing everything possible to make your fitness and business succeed.

But how do you know what's working and what isn't if you aren't documenting what you're doing?

If your goal is to increase sales and improve your bottom line, start with tracking your time and outreach calls. Time is money, so what are you doing with your time. Are most of your activities throughout the day something that will lead to money or not?

How many calls do you need to make to reach your financial goal? When you document key business metrics, succeeding with your business goals becomes a matter of inevitability.

If your goal is to eat healthier, a great idea is to document what you're eating for a brief time period. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that participants who kept a food journal, with the goal of weight loss, lost twice as much weight as those who didn't.

What doesn't get tracked won't improve. If you're not documenting your process, then you're left to playing the guessing game and have no accountability.

3. Not understanding your own psychology

You can have the best business plan and workout routine, but if it doesn't fit into who you are, then it's not going to work.

Therefore, it's imperative that you work on your self-awareness.

Improving your self-awareness helps your bottom line because you know exactly what positions to hire for and the type of person that meshes and compliments your skill set and weaknesses. More self-awareness equates to a higher level of emotional intelligence which leads to better decision making that translates to improving in business and as a leader.

Being self-aware leads to better decisions with your health. If you're competitive and want a family atmosphere, you'll try Crossfit instead of just going to a commercial gym. If you love bread and green curry, then you won't waste your time with the Paleo diet.

Results can manifest from many different approaches, it's more important to align yourself with methods and strategies that fit your personality and mentality.