Despite the flashy social media campaigns and glamorous photos, being an entrepreneur is anything but a pristine endeavor. In fact, being an entrepreneur can often times zap all your energy, leaving you with nothing left in the tank.

The beginning of the entrepreneurial journey is the most difficult. External results aren't a reality yet--despite the long and arduous hours being clocked. As if that isn't enough, people are questioning you and you're most likely questioning yourself.

When I first started down my entrepreneurial journey, I encountered those things. I eventually experienced what some call burnout. However, the burn out that I experienced is a type that many people overlook.

Many people experiencing burnout narrow it down to stress, working long hours, and feeling overwhelmed. But, there's a simpler reason for many entrepreneurs feeling burned out: loss of perspective.

Losing perspective is at the root cause of burnout due to it affecting numerous areas of your life. Your perspective molds the lens through which you see the world, and, in turn, affects your daily decision making.

Losing perspective hurts your business and personal well-being because you lose attention and focus on what truly matters, making you more susceptible to stress and overwhelm.

With that said, building a business and experiencing personal growth is guaranteed to bring about obstacles and pain. That part is unavoidable and out of your control.

But what you can control is your perspective and reaction to those situations by cultivating a daily habit of practicing these two things to preserve your mindset.

1. Find gratitude

Hustle and ambition are noted as being valuable traits for entrepreneurs. But, without controlling those two traits, you'll only end up on a cycle of discontentment.

As I learned the hard way, never taking the time to appreciate what I have in the present moment only leads to a buildup of a more increasingly cynical person which isn't ideal for productivity.

Without gratitude and appreciation, you'll fail to see all the good that you've done which will only increase the internal feelings of not feeling good enough. As those feelings mount, the likelihood of you questioning yourself increases.

Gratitude helps you maintain a healthy sense of perspective due to your daily decision making being of higher quality since you're likelier to demonstrate a greater sense of patience.

At some point in your day, carve out at least 10 minutes to give appreciation for all that you have currently.

2. Look at your situation from the top of the mountain

When you're heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of your business, it's hard to see the big picture. You're concerned with addressing the needs of the current moment. While it's imperative to maintain a well-oiled daily flow of operations, it's even more important to keep the big picture in mind.

On a daily basis, climb to the top of the mountain (preferably in solitude), so you can see everything going on. Since implementing this on a daily basis, I've noticed that my levels of anxiety have decreased because I can see that one particular moment in time isn't going to cripple my overall success.

Most importantly, by going to the top of the mountain on a daily basis, I'm able to ask myself whether the actions I'm taking are congruent with my values and where I want to ultimately end up at.

Every night, take some time to ask yourself and assess whether the actions and decisions you're making are in congruence with your big picture vision.

Often times, you won't have the benefit of a third party helping you maintain perspective. In these situations, it's important to cultivate a daily practice of guarding your perspective and energy which starts with the two simple habits above.