You have ambition, passion, a vision for the future, and a drive to make a big impact in the world. This describes many entrepreneurs and business owners. While those qualities are great and admirable, often times attached, are inconsistent energy levels and feelings of overwhelm.

When you're trying to juggle your personal life and your health along with your ambitious business goals, it's easy to spread yourself too thin. And when you spread yourself too thin, you risk becoming burnt out and deflated which leads to those ambitious goals becoming an afterthought while experiencing higher levels of stress.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You can have ambition and still maintain great emotional and mental health. One of the most important assets to winning the long term for entrepreneurs and business owners is to protect and manage their energy levels.

If you have inconsistent levels of energy along increasing levels of stress, here are 4 habits that can help with your upcoming week and beyond.

1. Schedule everything

If it's not on the schedule, then it's not real. Research any successful person and you'll discover the importance they place on having a schedule. Having a schedule keeps you in the driver's seat when it comes to managing your life.

In simpler terms, you're being proactive with your life instead of reactive where you find yourself putting out random fires but never getting any deep work completed.

When it comes to managing your energy and preventing overwhelm, set aside one hour over the weekend to prepare yourself for the upcoming week.

2. Don't forget your hobbies

It's easy to lose track of your identity while in the day-to-day world of business. This is especially true for newer entrepreneurs and business owners who don't have as much stability nor support as the seasoned veteran.

Even though you're juggling multiple roles within your business, use the tip from above about scheduling everything to include some type of activity that you enjoy.

This could be weekly salsa dancing, movies, dinner, spa, massage, or even shopping if that's your thing.

3. Break down your goals into mini quests

This is a strategy I use with my clients when it comes to achieving weight loss and other fitness goals.

Losing 20 pounds sounds a lot more intimidating, daunting, and overwhelming than losing 5 pounds. Making one-hundred thousand dollars sounds more overwhelming than making your first ten thousand dollars.

You can still have the big goal in mind, but break it down so it's easier to build momentum along the journey to keep yourself inspired day-to-day.

Think base hits, not home runs when it comes to pursuing your goals.

4. Question why you're doing this activity

Often times, unnecessary stress is added onto our lives due to non-valuable commitments and the inability to say no. When you lack boundaries and can't say no, you allow your energy to be pulled in numerous directions and thus leave yourself deprived of energy and stressed.

As you're looking at your schedule and commitments, ask yourself "are these activities serving my ultimate vision for where I want to go" and "are these activities a catalyst or anchor to my life?"

It's tough, but being a little more selfish is often times the perfect remedy for recharging yourself and keeping stress under control. Becoming stress-free and managing your energy levels is less about adding tactics and more about becoming organized and intentional with where you give your attention.