To some people, superheroes are merely for entertainment. But to others such as myself, superheroes serve as great examples of mental strength, leadership, and physical fitness (which means they had healthy eating habits as well).

With all of this said, superhero movies have become a mainstay and cultural phenomenon over the last decade. Leading the charge is Marvel Studios which started its movement back in 2008 with Iron Man.

In the present day, Marvel's latest movie 'Avengers: Infinity War' recently released its first trailer and it nearly broke the internet. Averaging almost 10 million views per hour and ending the first day with 230 million views established a new record for most views of a trailer in a single day.

While most wouldn't give any extra thought about this feat, there are two valuable lessons we can learn from this trailers success which can help our businesses and health.

1. Be specific with your vision but flexible on your details.

Jeff Bezos states that at Amazon "We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details."

Whether it's Apple, Facebook, Google, or any other successful company, it all starts with a vision before anything else.

Marvel knew for certain that the long-term goal was 'Infinity War'. However, what Marvel didn't know on day one was the smaller details such as the best marketing channels, the exact order of movies and the exact characters that would be involved in the movie.

For example, Spiderman's rights on the big screen were solely owned by Sony. Therefore, Marvel (owned by Disney) couldn't use that character for years. However, Disney and Sony eventually reached a deal to share Spiderman and hence he was written into the cinematic universe along with other characters such as Black Panther.

In business, you may have thought that coaching is the path to the seven-figure vision.  But after some time in the real world, you discovered that scaling your services is a much more efficient and effective way to get to seven figures. Details such as marketing strategies and other "how to's" won't be known at the beginning. Attempting to figure everything out at the beginning is only going to slow you down and lead to procrastination.

With health, you may have thought Paleo is the path to your vision of a six-pack. But after some time in the real world, you realize that it doesn't match up with your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, you switch to another plan that's more aligned with your lifestyle while still keeping you on the trajectory for the six-pack.

Whether in business or fitness, once you know where you want to go, it's important to start despite not knowing all the "how to's". However, it's also essential to not develop tunnel vision and be set in a specific way of reaching your vision.

2. Be patient with the process and ruthlessly intentional with your actions.

Marvel breaking a record is anything but luck. This result became a possibility in 2008 as they planted the first seed for their massive cinematic universe. Just as Marvel took their time, didn't skip any steps, and were intentional with their world-building, it's important that you take the same approach.

Building a million-dollar business or a six-pack both require patience along with requiring that you are intentional with your day-to-day actions. Marvel spent ten years consistently delivering high-quality movies while effectively developing characters to allow for this upcoming movie with over 60 characters.

To build your business and body will require you to identify a set of principles to guide you along the journey.

In business, the process to the end goal may start with you committing to 30 outreach calls a week. In fitness, the process of reaching that goal of losing 20 pounds may start with you committing to five plus servings of vegetables a day.

Whether you're breaking the record for the number of views, crossing the million dollar mark, or accomplishing an uncharted health goal--it all starts with a vision that is breaking down into executable small daily tasks which compound into monumental feats.

Published on: Dec 5, 2017
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