High performers take advantage of the weekends to separate themselves from the pack by deliberately refocusing and recharging along with setting aside 60 minutes to transform their upcoming week.

Whether you're looking to improve your productivity, health, or life--it all starts with designing an empowering mindset.

Limiting beliefs from past life experiences, negative people, and social programming can all lead to a mindset that caps your potential in life.

If you're looking to develop an empowering mindset that leads to growth and expansion in all facets of life, use this weekend to let go of these four common self-defeating thoughts so you can have a productive upcoming week.

1. Quit doubting your abilities and letting fear prevail.

Fear is a normal part of life and isn't something that is going to vanish nor does it need to. In fact, fear is nothing more than a signal that you're stepping outside of your comfort zone and attempting to play bigger.

When I catch myself in fearful moments, I pretend I'm playing a video game and the moment fear hits me, I reframe the situation akin to engaging in a boss battle with the chance to level up my character.

Don't underestimate yourself and what you're capable of doing because you hear some inner chatter telling you otherwise.

This is merely your brain doing its job that it has for centuries, which is to keep you safe and ensure your survival. The brain's default mechanism is to keep you in the familiarity and leaving your comfort zone is the opposite of that.

As you attempt to play bigger next week, write down that one big goal you're chasing after and why exactly you can't go after it. Keep asking why until you get to the core root of it and you'll see that your excuse isn't that strong of one.

2. Quit putting things off for tomorrow.

A few times a week, I'll play a clip from Rocky III where Apollo Creed is training with Rocky for his upcoming fight with Clubber Lang.

Rocky isn't training well nor is he fully mentally engaged and he tells Apollo Creed "Tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow." Apollo Creed quickly shouts back, "There is no tomorrow" numerous times.

When it comes to the pursuit of your goals, it's important to adopt this type of mentality because it brings a sense of urgency and added focus to the situation which leads to a higher performing version of yourself.

Consuming more information isn't going to transform your life, body, nor business. Instead, to make those things happen, you need to get onto the playing field as soon as possible.

3. Quit thinking everything will work on its own.

I'm all about affirmations, mantras, and letting the "universe" take control of things. But those things are only half of the equation. Nothing replaces the work, time, and commitment involved in the pursuit of any goal.

Self-Improvement starts with you being proactive, instead of reactive to the day. Don't leave your workout up to chance, schedule it. Don't leave a potential big lead up to chance after swapping business cards, take ownership and follow up.

4. Quit being lenient with your boundaries.

When you lack boundaries, you lack the proper settings for effectively recharging and being creative. When you fail to establish boundaries, you can't show up as the best version of yourself to the world which cheats the people you serve and could serve out of your best work.

To start setting boundaries for yourself, establish some non-negotiables.

This looks different to all of us. For me, I have to read and write in the morning before communication with the outside world along with scheduling daily time for exercising.

Fill in your non-negotiables on your calendar before anything else for the upcoming week to ensure it's not accidentally left out.