If you use the weekend correctly, you can effectively recharge yourself, develop an empowering mindset, and change your upcoming workweek in 60 minutes.

Think of the weekends as the perfect opportunity to hit the refresh button on anything that went south during the last week. With that said, to get back on the positive side of progress, many people often resort to difficult and complicated methods which aren't necessary.

I was recently reminded by girl scouts that any type of goal is conceptually simple to accomplish. It's so simple that us adults unnecessarily complicate the execution aspect of it.

With that said, here are two valuable principles girl scouts can teach you when it comes to health, happiness, and succeeding with your business goals.

1. Be specific about your goals.

I know, this is success 101 to many of us. But how well do you really know your goal? Can you clearly articulate it at a deep level or are you merely hovering at the surface?

Girl scouts are detailed and know exactly how many cookies they want to sell which equates to them operating with supreme clarity. Clarity is valuable because it helps you hone in on your vision and eliminates the limitless alternatives.

Without precise goal setting, you don't stand a chance of succeeding because you don't even know what the end vision looks like. For example, someone who just wants to "be healthy", isn't a good goal because healthy comes in many different shapes and forms with a plethora of different interpretations.

Stating that you want to have a successful business isn't a good goal. What does that mean? For some, this is a multi-million dollar company with a small team. For others, it's working 35 hours a week making close to six-figures with a great family lifestyle.

Take some time this weekend to get specific with your goal. Go beyond an arbitrary number and add details to make it emotionally compelling. How do you want to feel, think, and operate? How does it look? Is it making money while having fun and traveling? Is it losing 20 pounds while maintaining a vibrant social life?

2. Act with certainty.

When you see a girl scout, you'll notice that they have certainty, conviction, and belief in what they're doing. If the girl scout hesitated or approached you mumbling with low energy, you wouldn't be as likely to buy those cookies.

What does this have to do with your health and business?


When you lack belief in yourself, it's impossible to act with certainty and this energy is felt by everyone around you. In business, when you lack belief, you can't fully sell your product or service which lessons the chances of getting your prospect.

When you lack belief, you're also likely to be indecisive which is one of the greatest thief's of energy because you're being pulled in multiple directions but never go deep enough to make progress on anything. Indecision prevents you from getting feedback quicker which also prevents you from growing at a faster pace.

This weekend, review your goal and eliminate the indecision by picking one strategy while closing the other doors for now.

In fitness, for example, decide on your nutrition plan and turn a blind eye to the other plans for now. In business, decide on a content strategy such as videos and don't worry about podcasting or writing at this moment.

While the Shortbread and Samoas cookies are noteworthy, don't overlook the basic principles these kids can remind us about succeeding in any endeavor.