If you're looking to become a better leader, a more patient parent, or simply increase your productivity--optimizing your sleep is at the top of the list of actions to implement. Every single area of your life is intricately connected to sleep.

While the majority are well-aware that sleep is important, there's a large majority who are struggling to get quality sleep on a consistent basis.

In April of this year, the Better Sleep Council, launched a research study called The State of America's Sleep, which sought to track America's sleep quality over time along with highlighting why individuals struggle with their sleep.

What caught my attention was the commonalities shared among those who were placed in the worst sleepers category. Here are those three areas:

1. Your work environment is causing you stress.

Americans who are "under pressure at work" were found to comprise 44 percent of poor sleepers in the country in the State of America's Sleep study

This isn't a total surprise as any sort of pressure that gets too high can deter sleep. With this knowledge in mind, a simple step that employers can do to ease this is to have practices established to not only help employees feel valued but also practices to help with their overall well-being.

In fact, inside the State of America's sleep study, 80 percent of adults who feel they work in a friendly environment, enjoy the people they work with, and enjoy the work they do fell into the excellent sleeper category. And concerning those who were labeled excellent sleepers, they were 27 percent more likely to be valued at work compared to poor sleepers.

2. Your finances.

As was ingrained over my head after some early financial struggles, what you earn is important, but also of importance is how much you keep (and grow over time).

Researchers in The State of America sleep study found that adults who are concerned about their financial future comprise 72 percent of poor sleepers, and those who live paycheck to paycheck represent 56 percent of poor sleepers.

Even if your situation doesn't fall into a paycheck to paycheck scenario, finances could still be an underlying worry for you--especially if your business has massive fluctuations of income.

One way to relieve some stress with finances is to create a money playbook where specific allotments of money disperse each time you bring in revenue.

3. Your interpersonal relationships are struggling.

Your relationships will serve as your catalysts to exponential growth or your anchor to never-ending frustration. Also, in this case, a key indicator in your sleep quality.

According to the State of America's Sleep study, adults who agree that they have a great relationship with their spouse/partner represent 88 percent of excellent sleepers, compared to adults who are in difficult relationships, which is only 9 percent of excellent sleepers.

When you aim to optimize your relationships, take Warren Buffet's seven-word advice, "Hang out with people better than you." Whether it's your spouse, business partner, or friends to go to happy hour with--make sure they have traits that you admire.

In this 24/7 "hustle-centric" and connected world, expecting to get quality sleep by default isn't going to happen. To ensure yourself of quality nightly sleep requires a focus on your environment. And most importantly, ensuring quality sleep requires a focus on handling the everyday activities of life.