It's January. In other words, it's time to carry out your resolution, however important it may be to you. Did you make one this year?

Mark Zuckerberg did.

And he's not messing around, either. The face behind the 'Book is known for setting notoriously challenging personal goals for himself each year. And every single year, he nails it. Honestly, as if being one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in history isn't impressive enough, he's adding insult to injury by being generally awesome at pretty much everything he puts his mind to. It's actually kind of infuriating when you think about it.

Let's look at what Zuck has done in years past:

In 2015, while the rest of us halfheartedly plodded away on treadmills at unimpressive speeds for two weeks or so before giving up, Zuckerberg vowed to read a book every other week, essentially inviting everyone on Facebook to be in his book club. And he did it.

In 2014, while many were trying to pack healthy lunches instead of throwing down a noontime Baconator on the regular, Zuckerberg challenged himself to write one thank-you note every day. And he did it. (He admitted it wasn't easy, though.)

In 2013, while John and Jane Everyman tried to give up their vices and wound up consoling themselves by taking up new ones, Mark Zuckerberg swore to expand his real-life social network bymeeting someone new every day. In person. This was a challenge for him because Zuck is a self-proclaimed awkward dude. But he did it.

In 2011? You may have vowed to do more community service. Zuck pledged that he would only eat meat that he butchered himself. If that's not hardcore, I don't know what is.

Oh yeah, and then there was that time in 2010 when he blew everyone away by casually learning Mandarin. I don't remember what my resolution was that year, but I'm nearly positive it had nothing to do with Mandarin and everything to do with Doritos. Oh, and I didn't keep it.

So where's he getting this superhuman ability to follow through?

From the same place he got his inspiration and drive to build Facebook.

It comes from the part of him that once had a great idea, something that would solve a meaningful problem. With Facebook, he took on the task of connecting people. With his New Years resolutions, Zuckerberg turns the high-powered innovation beam on himself. Every challenge he undertakes carries the end goal of solving for some aspect of himself that he'd like to develop further, some gap in his ultimate self-vision.

What makes extremely successful entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg who they are is their ability to persevere in the face of criticism and self-doubt. They are resilient and determined and persistent and dogged and poised and calculating and everything else they need to be that allows them to deliver. Where most people would be tempted to give in to inertia, the Mark Zuckerbergs keep going because they can't not. They have something to prove, and it's usually not to other people. It's a level of personal accountability that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Zuckerberg hasn't announced his resolution for 2016 as of this writing. But whatever it is, I'm confident he's got it in the bag. He's built the brand of someone who delivers.

I'm making my resolution to work on building that brand, too.