Bloomberg recently released its index of "affluent market areas." It's a rundown of the richest small towns in America. Park City, Utah, (Summit Park) tops the list with Edwards, Colorado, and Jackson, Wyoming, rounding out the top three. In Park City, you'll find one in six homes worth $1 million or more -- most of those homes are vacation homes. So what gives?

There's a reason why the wealthy are flocking here and a lot of that starts with branding. So, take a cue from the town's long-standing marketing efforts and use it to help define your own branding strategy.

Find and tell your story

I noticed the last time I was there, it still uses its "ongoing Olympic legacy" as a marketing tool. You'll see it on an advertisement or talked about by local ski instructors. Now, the Winter Olympics were here in 2002. At the time, this was a major event and helped Utah gain international attention. Instead of letting this event just come-and-go, the city has leveraged that unique history as a reputation builder for the long run while still pursuing new events, like hosting the Sundance Film Festival.

Go around your weakness

While ski season isn't year-round the town took that potential weak spot head on and turned it into a strength, promoting other activities and designed its marketing strategy into summer and winter groups.

Repeat your strengths

I once had a news editor tell me to write a story and pretend that everyone is reading about it for the very first time. The idea was to never assume the audience knew about the topic before writing. Good branding campaigns also apply this concept. Now, many other popular tourist destinations will talk about how easy it is to get there. Park City highlights its proximity to the local airport as a selling point. The key is to keep repeating that message so it continues to resonate.