New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg believes in Silicon Alley so much, he wouldn't be surprised if Stanford graduates started moving there. 

“I believe that more and more Stanford graduates will find themselves moving to Silicon Alley, not only because we’re the hottest new tech scene in the country, but also because there’s more to do on a Friday night than go to the Pizza Hut in Sunnyvale,” he said during his Stanford commencement speech Sunday.

"Leland Stanford, in addition to being an entrepreneur, an elected official, a philanthropist, and a great supporter of higher education, was originally a New Yorker," he added. "No other university in the world has so profoundly shaped our modern age. Without Stanford, there's no Silicon Valley, and without SV, there's no tech revolution, no information revolution, no communications revolution, at least not as we know it."

In his apparent bid to lure the techies of Silicon Valley to his city, Bloomberg quipped, "Apparently, every single person here has a great idea for a new startup. I've been here two days, and so far 27 students 14 professors and the checkout guy at Axiom Palmer have approached me about VC funding."

The mayor's dream of turning the Big Apple into the next tech mecca might not so be far-fetched. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently bought Tumblr for a cool $1.1 billion, which prompted many in the New York tech sector like John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks, to tell GigaOm this type of social media sale "helps solidify and legitimize the entire New York startup ecosystem." 

Or as Ken Lerer, the New Yorker behind Lerer Ventures, put it, "If you stand on Broadway and look above 34th street, you can see the media of the past. Look down the Broadway, you see the future."

Do you agree with Bloomberg that Silicon Valley's finest should move to New York?  

Published on: Jun 17, 2013