In Silicon Valley, the classic suit and tie has long given way to hoodies and sweatpants. But Manpreet Singh says he's fine with that. 

The founder and president of Seva Call, a Potomac, Maryland-based site that connects customers with service providers, tells The Washington Post that long hours and focused attention require maximum comfort. Getting dressed to the nines? Well, that's just a distraction. 

“I have no idea how I, or anyone else, got any work done at my old finance job," he recalls. "Today, if we’re all putting our best foot forward professionally, no one cares whether or not that foot is clad in shiny leather wingtips."

To promote a culture where everyone is "comfortable being comfortable," he says Seva Call discourages guests and even job applicants from dressing up. Every minute spent thinking about appearance is time away from putting in work. 

"The right balance is one that allows everyone to focus on the work," he continues. "So far, I’ve managed to work with a team that’s smart enough to know where that balance is. And it has nothing to do with whether or not to wear shoes.”  

Published on: May 21, 2013