In the course of 20 years, Google has built a stellar reputation as an employer. The company frequently ranks number one on lists of "Best Places to Work," like it did this year on Glassdoor, and as it has six years in a row on Fortune.

Have you ever wanted to get an inside look as to what it's like to work at Google? Well, now you can.


Meet Natalie Hammel and Lorraine Yusrhansky, creators and hosts of the new YouTube series entitled: "Nat and Lo's 20 Percent Project." These two Googlers wanted to show the world what it's like working for the technology giant, so they took advantage of Google's 20 percent time policy (ergo the name), which allows employees to work on side projects up to one day a week. Since their company is so massive, the two colleagues thought it would also be a great way to learn more about all the interesting things Google is doing.

The channel has amassed hundreds of thousands of views (and 26,000 subscribers) since going live a few months ago. In this short time, Nat and Lo have shared inside peeks into:

  • How Google is teaching machines to learn;
  • Google Street View (minus the car);
  • What's actually inside your phone;
  • How Google Translate makes signs instantly readable;
  •  A fellow Googler's efforts to ban elephant ivory shopping ads.

The results are absorbing, fun, and a joy to watch. We get the feeling that Nat and Lo are truly having a blast as they learn more about their company and fellow employees, and we're happy to be along for the ride.

The latest video, posted yesterday and found below, is a great two-minute introduction to the pair and the now famous company culture:



If you've always wanted to work for Google and can't seem to get in, at least now you can live vicariously through these two.

Just remember: Free food not included.