[UPDATE: Jo Oz, who I hypothesized was behind the fake Warren Buffett Twitter account and subsequently emailed, has yet to respond. However, both the "Warren Buffet" and "Life Advice" Twitter accounts I refer to below have been suspended. You can read a new article summarizing lessons learned here.]

"Stop being impressed by money, fame & status. Instead, be impressed by those who treat other human beings well, in both good times & bad."

Wise words, indeed. They were shared recently by Warren Buffet.

Not Warren Buffett, mind you, i.e. the Berkshire Hathaway CEO who is widely recognized as one of the smartest investors of all time. 

No, this quote comes from the Twitter account of Warren Buffet, spelled with one "t." The profile pic is of the famous CEO, but a spokesperson for Buffett recently confirmed that the account does not belong to him.

Which, of course, doesn't make the advice any less valuable. 

The account, which apparently joined Twitter in 2016, currently only has 53 tweets. But over the past few days, those tweets have gone viral.

Tweets like the following:

"Here's what's cool: 1 saying 'thank you;' 2 apologizing when wrong; 3 showing up on time; 4 being nice to strangers; 5 listening without interrupting; 6 admitting you were wrong; 7 following your dreams; 8 being a mentor; 9 learning and using people's names; 10 holding doors open"

"Life is too short to waste in the company of those who can't wait to put you down. Let them say what they want. Their opinions aren't your problem. Keep doing good as you've always done. No matter what they do or say, don't doubt who you are and what you're doing."

"You've been in situations where you thought you'd never make it out, but you did. You've lived through it, you've learned from it and you survived. So whatever it is that you're currently going through right now, you can and will get through it if you are determined to push thru."

"Being quiet and calm doesn't mean you're weak. Such people show strength that's under control. The most intelligent people know when to speak, know when to listen, and know when to be quiet."

"A good sign of how secure you are is what it takes to 'offend' you. The more secure you are, the less offended you get."

"Saying good words to people will never go out of style. The truth is everybody likes encouragement; everybody likes somebody cheering them on, somebody that sees the best. You can be that person for the people in your life."

So, if the Oracle of Omaha isn't sharing these wonderful life lessons, who is?

Well, I can't say definitively...but a little Google investigating (i.e., lots of cut and paste using quotation marks) led me to a separate Twitter account named "Life Advice." The Life Advice account has tweeted a number of the exact same quotes over the past few years...and has been steadily retweeting the "Warren Buffet" account since yesterday.

Life Advice is run by a certain Jo Oz, who describes himself as a leadership consultant (among other things), and seems to have written a book entitled, wait for it...Life Advice. (I've reached out to the email on the Twitter account and will update if I receive an answer.)

In the meantime, I leave you with some timely advice:

"Success is a process that continues, not a status that you reach. If you are alive, there are lessons to be learned and things you can do."

Well said, Warren. Or whoever you are.