The internet's been abuzz with the news that the CEOs of the two most valuable companies in the U.S., Apple and Google, recently got together for Vietnamese in Palo Alto.

What exactly did they talk about? Were they exchanging trade secrets? Did they keep it personal?

If you were able to get close enough, here are a few things you may have heard:

1. Tim: So, like, other than the search bar, what do you guys even do?

2. Sundar: I bet our cars will look cooler than your cars.

3. Tim: I loved Owen Wilson in The Internship. Is that really how you guys roll?

4. Sundar: Ever consider getting someone else to narrate those launch videos? Jony Ive takes himself much too seriously.

5. Tim: How do you keep luring away all that top talent? Sundar: Two words: Free. Food.

6. Sundar: Satya's been making some major moves lately, huh? Tim: Who's Satya?

7. Tim: My go-to phone is actually a Nokia 3310.

8. Sundar: Our AI has already taken over the whole company. Every Google employee is actually an android. Including me.

9. Tim: You know that new campus we built? It's a real spaceship. We're going to beat Elon to Mars.

10. Tim: Confession: We actually haven't made anything new since Steve died. And nobody seems to notice.

Your turn. What do you think these two tech giants were talking about? Tell us in the comments.