I've been following McDonald's closely over the past year, as the famous fast-food chain has made some pretty big tweaks to win back customers.

But I definitely didn't see this one coming.

Yesterday, the company announced a new sandwich:

Since the announcement, the internet's gone crazy. (A Google search for "Chicken Big Mac" currently returns almost five million results.)

There's only one major problem: The Chicken Big Mac isn't available on the U.S. menu.

The announcement most media outlets are referencing actually came from McDonald's Australia. But a quick search leads to ads in other countries that offer the sandwich, including this one from Sweden:

(Side question: Why do McDonald's commercials sound so much more inspiring in Swedish?)

Word on the street is that the Chicken Big Mac has been part of the McDonald's secret menu in Australia for some time, leading the company to take advantage of the hype and build some marketing buzz. (Learning from customers hasn't traditionally been McDonald's' strong point, but the company seems to be getting better--like its recent promise to replace those ice cream machines that are always "broken.")

So, will the Chicken Big Mac be coming to America? If enough fans speak up, they might just make it happen.

Just one favor: Can you also ask them to bring back the Orange Hi-C? I love that stuff.