Last month, I published a list of 10 writers I love. Their writing has made me sharper, increased my emotional intelligence, and made me laugh on a regular basis. (Who’s not up for a little more laughing?) The response to that list was astounding, with thousands of shares among tens of thousands of new readers.

In response, here are a few more. This new list names six additional writers I've been following for a while. A few you may have heard of, but at least a couple you haven't.

All of them have challenged me to think differently. I hope they do the same for you.

1. Greg McKeown

Author of the New York Times bestseller Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown is a LinkedIn Influencer and popular blogger for the Harvard Business Review. He's dedicated years to discovering why some people break through to the next level and why others don't.

Writing primarily on the themes of productivity and time management, McKeown challenges the ideas of "needing to have it all" and "getting everything done" and replaces them with the pursuit of "the right thing, in the right way, at the right time." He specializes in teaching how to prioritize in the face of self-imposed obstacles. I like to call his philosophy "brilliant simplicity."

You can find his website homepage here and his LinkedIn author page here. (He also happens to be an extremely engaging speaker. Find a few of his presentations here.)

2. Rhett Power

A fellow contributor, Rhett Power co-founded Wild Creations, which was named one of Inc. magazine's 500 Fastest-Growing U.S. companies two years in a row. He likes to write about the specific strategies that led to his success and how you can apply them to your business.

I love Power's practical advice, and I believe his cross-cultural experience gives him a unique view of the world. (He spent years living in Central Asia and recently traveled extensively throughout various countries in Africa.)

Here are his and LinkedIn author pages. You can also follow him on Twitter.

3. Neil Miller

On my previous list of recommendations, I suggested two lesser-known writers who were on the verge of breaking through. Neil Miller is another who fits that category perfectly.

As chief media strategist for Madras Media Marketing, Miller has spent the past few years living and working in India. Whether he's writing about content marketing misconceptions or the challenges and joys faced by foreigners in India, Miller takes complex topics and simplifies them--challenging readers to continue thinking long after they finish reading.

One of my favorite articles by Miller: "Why You Should Embrace Cultural Generalizations, Not Stereotypes" (full article found here). He also blogs on LinkedIn.

4. Glenn Leibowitz

Glenn Leibowitz has been in the communications business for 25 years, the past 16 of which he's served as consulting giant McKinsey's director of external relations in China. Leibowitz's writing has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few years, and his recently launched podcast, Write With Impact, is also getting rave reviews.

His writing style is inviting. Grounded and unpretentious, it feels like an engaging conversation over coffee (despite the fact that Leibowitz is the only one doing any "talking"). Are you an aspiring writer? You’ll appreciate his knack for writing about the craft. A new business owner? Check out this post on letting your people shine. Leibowitz always explores topics that resonate--and he always includes takeaways for the reader.

A couple of my favorite posts:

Find his LinkedIn author page here. You can also follow him on Twitter.

5. Robbie Abed

Another writer who made a name for himself on LinkedIn, Robbie Abed started publishing on the platform last year. His articles accumulated more than three million views, with four posts each going over 400,000.

I enjoy Abed's writing because it's smart, funny, and no-nonsense. If you're trapped in a dead-end job and have debated whether you should make a change, his articles will give you inspiration. He's also a success story for those looking to leverage writing and social media to reach entrepreneurial goals.

Check out his LinkedIn author page here.

6. James Altucher

If you're not familiar with James Altucher, let me attempt to describe him:

He's a bit self-deprecating, a little irreverent, and extremely honest. (He also happens to have the same hairstyle as my six-year-old nephew.)

Oh, yeah--and he's a really, really good writer.

In addition to having written 15 books and contributing frequently to major channels such as The Financial Times, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal, Altucher has co-founded 20 companies and managed a hedge fund.

Did I mention he’s a really good writer?

Two recent favorite posts:

Find his blog here. Follow him on Twitter here.

Now it’s your turn. I’m always looking for smart, insightful, and funny. Please share your favorites in the comments section below.