Morning routines can activate your body and mind, and many entrepreneurs have one to set their day in motion. For cosmetics entrepreneur Bobbi Brown, the morning routine is surprisingly simple--it doesn't involve breathing exercises or organic green smoothies--although there is one big thing she'd like to change.

Speaking Wednesday during a live iConic AMA event on Facebook, Brown revealed that her current routine involves drinking a "giant glass of water, with some lemon in it," which helps wake her up, and a double espresso with coconut milk. Then, she'll head back to bed or a couch to check the news on her iPad--reading the paper, as well as checking (and posting on) Instagram. Afterwards, Brown will work out, the best time to fit fitness into her busy schedule as founder of eponymous Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

What you do in the mornings can be vital to productivity, according to Steve Kay, a professor of molecular and computational biology at the University of Southern California. Kay told the Wall Street Journal that most adults do the best cognitive work in the late morning. Starting your day on the right foot can prime you for that mid-day time when memory, alertness and concentration are highest.

But Brown isn't entirely happy with her current routine -- and here's why. "I watch my husband," she said. "He does not sit still and I would like to follow his lead." In the future, she might opt to cut out the time she spends going back to bed or sitting on a couch. "That might just mean hopping on the treadmill with my iPad," Brown said, in order to be able to catch up on news while avoiding sitting still.

For the time being, Brown's routine mixes health, work, and fitness to set the tone for the day ahead--even if there's more couch time than she'd like.