When it comes to branding, a company's visual identity may be the most important part.

The design elements of a visual identity can range from fonts and colors to materials and textures, all meant to highlight a brand's intrinsic values. Think, Lyft's fuzzy, pink mustache or Nike's signature swoosh. The benefits? Brand association keeps old customers coming back; 60 percent of consumers will prefer to shop from brands they already know, according to media researcher Nielsen. Further, strong visual identities can draw in new customers who will come in with memorable first impressions.

Vistaprint Corporate, a print service company for medium-sized businesses, outlined three ways for brands to improve their visual identities to create a lasting impression: First, you need more than strong and clean design. Go above and beyond by creating a personal bond with consumers through in-person interactions, personally addressed emails and tailoring direct mail. By taking customer's feelings and emotional associations into account in both choosing colors and sending out promotions, the company says, your business can create a memorable visual identity.

Here are a few more tips for creating a strong visual identity:

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Infographic courtesy of Vistaprint Corporate.