Marcus Lemonis, creator of CNBC's The Profit, is a man who knows business. In fact, Lemonis knows business so well, he can simplify it down to three main categories: People, Process, and Product. You can use Lemonis's business acumen when thinking about your blog content, too.

By incorporating these three concepts into your content strategy, you can create more relevant, value-packed material for readers that, over time, will make you a go-to source for information.


In relation to blog content, 'People' relates to knowing your audience. Take the time to create well-defined marketing personas for your blog so that each post is written in a way that speaks to the most relevant reader--not to just anyone. Lay out specific parameters, such as:

When you fully understand the people you're writing for, your content gains a clear voice that resonates with a relevant, interested audience. Remember: You're not writing for everyone--you're writing for your niche audience who is most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.


Offering a behind-the-scenes view of your business helps your audience fully understand the process that brings your product or service to life--and it's an exercise in relationship building that helps you earn buy-in with customers.

Think about starting a series of posts on your blog that take a deep dive into your business process, whether that's taking a product from start to finish, or the road map of how your services evolve when working with clients.

Ugmonk, an online store offering t-shirts, leather goods, and more, has a good example of this this blogging tactic that shows how they brought one of the store's messenger bags from the initial sketch stage to the finished product.


Take a page from Lemonis's book and find some creative ways to showcase your product via blog content. That means thinking beyond the simple updates on new items, listing out features, and talking about the value your products can offer.

Think about how you can create interesting, product-centric content that:

You want people to see your product being used in practical, real-life situations so they can envision themselves using it, too. Ditch the stock images and put your product in lifelike context for more meaningful blog posts.

Approach Your Blog Like Marcus Lemonis Approaches Business

If you can shift your blog's focus to People, Process, and Product, you'll be on the path to creating interesting material your audience actually wants to read.