Think your writing mistakes don't matter? Think again. A study by Global Lingo found that as many as 59 percent of online customers are scared away from sites with spelling and grammatical errors. It's not surprising; why would you trust a brand that can't bother to run its copy through spell check? That missing attention to detail might be an indicator of how they run their business overall.

And since we know poor writing skills are a major issue within the professional world, now is the time to turn to a few handy tools that can save you from making those embarrassing writing mistakes at work. We've gathered six online resources that can catch your writing errors and ensure that anything you send out into the world is proofread and perfect.


Correctica touts its ability to catch errors that other software and human proofers can't. By dropping your emails, blog posts, website copy, etc. into this tool, you'll get a report of areas in which you need to clean things up.


Grammarly has a clean, simple user interface and offers a free grammar checking tool to all users. When your copy is pasted into this resource, you'll see underlined mistakes and get suggestions on how to improve what you've written.


Ginger is a writing app that integrates with desktop and mobile word processors to find and suggest corrections for common writing errors. From sentence rephrasing to a quick-access dictionary, it acts as an over-the-shoulder writing coach.


One of the benefits of robust AtomicWriter is the body copy analysis it offers. As this resource scans through your writing, it suggests ways to improve so that content is not only grammar and spelling error free, but more relevant for your audience.


If you're looking for a free, no-frills tool that quickly proofs your writing, look no further than SentenceChecker. Paste your copy into the tool and you'll get a report of errors in seconds.


Whitesmoke offers a free grammar checker with color-coded suggestions right within your text. Bonus: It works in 50 different languages.

Don't Lose Customers, Use Tools to Proofread

Before you send a website live with embarrassing spelling errors that costs your business customers, run it through a free tool to catch any lingering mistakes. Your bottom line will thank you.